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I started reading manga today and its very interesting,but i'm so curious to see if the main villain is trully a monster or just a human who kill,provide me the answer and i will make you rich!
Beware, beware, the terrible spoilers!

He's just a human, even if he seems closer to a force of nature at times. One of the pivotal themes in Monster is whether any human being can be considered pure evil and completely incapable of redemption. I don't want to spoil too much but the manga does raise some interesting philosophical points further down the line.[/spoiler]

Now shower me with riches!

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Watched Killing them softly as Pete Bradshaw of the Guardian gave it a positive in his films of the year.
I'm happy to see someone else watched (and enjoyed) that film. It's definitely one of the stranger titles I've seen this year, but it's well worth taking a look at if you can stomach the excessive brutality and the bleak cynicism.