Django Unchained ​- I think this is the most normal film Quinten Tarintino has made, not much filminess except for the usual Spagetti Western signifiers here and there which are just there. I think its a lot better paced then Inglorious Basterds I wasn't left bored halfway through wanting something to happen. Though lots of scenes could have been trimmed down a lot since it was like "yes I get the point now hurry up to the thing I know is going to happen. The dialogue or monologuing as I think it is is very good and definitely adds to people's character but I wish there was a bit more entertaining interplay like in Pulp Fiction, Waltz steals the show but there definitely is a missed opportunity of having them have entertaining banter since what little is there is very good. Also I really think that he definitly put slavery into a sickening light since the violence on the slaves was very brutal and was very upsetting. also Samuel L Jackson is great and a little bit different in this movie, and the Cane drop is probably one of the most Bad Ass things I saw in the movie.

I didn't have a problem with The Australian accent Quinten was doing though I can understand why people would and be a bit like What is he doing.