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Iran is the US bogey man and has been for years. There was no attempt made to humanize them and every attempt made to paint the revolutionaries as oppressors. I'm not saying holding the Embassy staff was right, but the Iranians were of the view that the US might try and reinstall the Shah again like they did in the 1950s.

I think they key difference is, the film doesn't shy away from some of the more questionable things that happened and more importantly it leaves it up to you the viewer to arrive at your own conclusions as to how you feel about those things. It wasn't jingoistic or celebratory, it was a sober film in terms of the man hunt and how it concluded.
Re: Iran, I understand that, it just didn't look to me that it was taking sides that much. As for the revolutionaries as oppressors, maybe I didn't notice it as my interpretation is influenced by their later behaviour.

Re: Zero Dark, it was sombre but I think the audio in the beginning is emotional manipulation. Everything following that opening audio can be justified by the suffering of those victims and questioning anything is equated basically with questioning the suffering of those victims. I don't know if it was intended but it works very well I think. In addition, it seemed to me to glorify and humanize the SEALS as basically a bunch of nice guys doing a rough work.

Anyway, I guess it's a matter of interpretation. I just found Argo better, or at least less offending.