I saw Oz yesterday and it was much less twisty/dark than the trailer made it out to be; I really hoped for some (new) Charlie and Chocolate Factory's level of sublime dark undertones. Definitely felt a bit more like a kids movie and a standard hero's journey and transformation, particularly in the first hour that kinda dragged (the second hour was much better, if tad predictable).

Also felt like it did many of those stagy, almost amateurish things as tribute to the original. But I wish they did more "clever" tie-ins and explanations of the original story's lore, I was again hoping for something to the level of the amazing Wicked, which did a much better job of re-imagining the story and bringing numerous "a-ha!" moments. The characters were also pretty one dimensional, a real pity and lost opportunity especially with Theodora (Mila Kunis). Lots of interesting stuff that could have been done with her...

Well, it's a Disney movie, so I guess I should have expected all this; somehow trailer made me think it would be more of a dark Charlie&Chocolate factory meets Wicked.

Especially as we know the ending, we just have to work out how we'll get there.

Well Like I said, Wicked shows how that neednt be a "problem" and you can do a lot to keep canon consistent while still twisting the story in a unique direction.