Passchendaele from a few years ago. Not sure where it is from, nor that I recognize any actor/actress, though I found them all quite handsome/beautiful.

A First World War movie about Canadian participation in the war on the British side. Don't know why they fought in a war which was not theirs. Maybe Canada back then was not as independent as it is nowadays? I learnt this movie when once it appeared randomly while I was browsing Youtube. The battlefields in the Western Front were all worse than hell. It was a time where rifles had been well developed that infantrymen no longer need to stick together in column to increase survivability, yet armored vehicles had yet to be massively introduced to hasten the rythm. Most men died needlessly in those ferocious yet stupid infantry and artillery actions. I was stunned by the Youtube (which is dramatic, of course) so I shopped around, and in one such DVD store I was lucky enough to get one. I was told there are two battle scenes in this movie, one as introduction and another one to conclude the movie. This movie also protroyed in the way Canadians took the war as their own, and it would be shame for a Canadian at the time to not serve in the military to fight in a continent too far away from home.

Passchendaele is a location in Belgium, there was a major battle there during the Great War, with Canadian Army participation on the British side. Of course, I know you guys know much more about your own history than I do. I don't know this place Passchendaele before this movie.

Too busy to watch a movie, and will watch it once I have time. I am working my whole day in just one Computer Science homework, and hell I just flunked one of three. I was wise not to pick up majoring in Computer Science, otherwise I would have be university dropout. Yet I really want to acquire this essential skill of computer programming, to survive in this new age.