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Throughout I was thinking why just those 6 people I know it might have been impossible to rescue them all but it seemed like those 6 were pretty damn lucky
Argo was the last film I saw at the cinema. I agree that it was brilliant in ratcheting up the tension, and it did so without any real 'action' scenes. I had gone in after hearing people rave about it, but I was still surprised at how well it pulled it all off.

But to your point, those six were the only ones who weren't held in the embassy by people with guns. The fact that so much was risked for those six people is what was so impactful. These weren't high-up intelligence officers or people with national security secrets to spill. They were just people, and they were damned lucky. In that regard it reminded me a lot of Saving Private Ryan. It wasn't done because it was important for politics/national security/war effort it was done because it was worth saving someone or six someones.

The only thing I didn't care for was the self-serving Jimmy Carter voiceover at the end. I'm no Republican and can find plenty to fault Reagan for, but Carter was a particularly ineffectual president. I think he was a good man, but he made a very bad president. Argo completely glossed over the fact that the hostages were taken as a reaction to the Carter administration's policies and that they were released within hours of Reagan being sworn in. The whole hostage situation was Carter's doing and his albatross.

I hate to drag politics etc into movies, but Argo is a film that centres on the policies of the Carter administration without ever addressing them. I think that is the one failing of an otherwise superb movie. The Iranians and the hostages were removed from any kind of context of the world and policies of the time.

I'm going to watch the new(est) Batman movie tonight. I hope to see some in-depth analysis of the machinations of city hall and the reasons why Bane might want to be a bad, bad man.