The Great Gatsby - Really intriguing. First thing its probably the most gorgeous film I think I have seen since Life of Pi, just truly breath taking and it fits the story with all the rich people going about. This I think has been much maligned of having the style of rich parties but no substance but I think that is rubbish, its quite a unhappy and bleak tale really and I think it shows that well. Underneath the glam and glitz there's a lot of depressed looks, and creepy imagery that gives you a sense that this is not all going well really. Especially those eyes on the billboard, that was the creepiest imagery i think ive ever seen and i really don't know why. It was quite intriguing and I thought the character of Gatsby was very well done by Leonardo Di Caprio who definitely has the charm for it but also able to get the most emotional moments as well. Had a hard time gauging Toby Magires character to be honest he seems just to be...there seeing all this stuff its kind of like if you took him out not much would change really...i guess he is an audience surrogate but you kind of don't need a narrator for cinema really the camera can be the audience. Anyway I think this is a great film and it actually made me want to read the book which I think as adaptations go is probably a great thing.