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My dad took his grand kids to see both Hobbit movies, they're aged around 8 and 10 (and would've been younger obviously for the first one). Both of them sat through both movies silently and enjoyed the hell out of them. Obviously they're not the representation of every kid ever, but if a movie engages them enough, they'll watch it for hours, just like they'll play a game that engages them for hours too.
When the barrel scene got under way I realised I was watching a film made with keeping kids entertained in mind. Up until then I hadn't noticed that half the audience I sat with must have been close to the age of the children you mention. Which is why I say... when did I wake up in a world where taking children that age to this kind of movie, with all the graphic viloence it has in it, become the norm? I'm not poiting fingers at you or your dad. I honestly did not know that this seems to be the new normal.