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    Anyone here into old coins?

    I've had this old coin in my possession since I was a child. My mum and dad had an old cabinet that once belonged to my grandmother and when mum and dad re-decorated their bedroom they got rid of the cabinet (shame really as it might have been worth something). Anyway I found this coin wedged inside the cabinet that had been hidden there for many, many years and I kept it but still don't know anything about it. I fished it out of my box of old stuff earlier today and took a High-def photo of it for the first time.

    Clearly that's Queen Victoria on the heads side and the date on the reverse looks like 1890 or 1899. It's very worn though so I doubt it's worth much, if anything at all.

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    Looks like a penny. It's worthless indeed. But no matter how cheap they are, I always liked coins.

    I think I have about a thousand. I collected them since I was a kid but haven't paid any attention to them in a while. In fact I'm not even sure where I put them... My oldest are medieval.

    Coins are surprisingly cheap. You go into a museum and think man, that handful of medieval coins on display must be worth a lot! Turns out you can buy ancient coins less worn than OP's for just a couple of dollars.

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    Well, I'll keep it anyway - I've had it a long time. It's worth, or lack thereof, is irrelevant really.

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