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    Any bikers out there?

    I've decided to get back into biking after a 5 year break following a bit of a crash which killed off my last bike.

    Anyway, I can't quite decide what sort of bike to go for. I've basically rules out sportsbikes as I think I'll take it a bit easy for the time being. So I've managed to narrow it down to two, either the Street Triple R (preferably an older one like this)

    or a Triumph Scrambler, which just looks awesome, but will be much slower.

    Anyone got any thoughts, or better yet has ridden one or the other?

    Also, post some pics of your bikes so we can all have a look!

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    I was about to get my license this summer and then they changed the rules to making it a graduated license as well so I wouldn't be able to drive at night which kind of messes up the whole point for me (I was going to drive it to work). Still might go ahead and do it but will probably wait until next year as winter's just about here. I'd probably go for some kind of lowrider or something cool!
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    I would definitely go with the Scrambler. It at least has the possibility of going off road. Dirtbikes are the essence of motorcycles and dirtbiking with a scrambler would be so legit.

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