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    Warhammer Mod Coverage

    So I was wondering about this. I've always felt like one of RPS's biggest gaps in coverage these days was around the mod scene, so when this article popped up I was pleasantly surprised.

    What I'd like to know is: do you guys plan to make this into a recurring feature? As a modder and someone who enjoys mods for many games, I would really appreciate if that were the case. The modding scene has few avenues for coverage and that's pretty much the only thing we'd like to have.

    If not, do you have other plans to bring more mod coverage in any form?

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    There was a weekly mod article, which was nipped, and something similar was promised to replace it.
    Years later, I don't think it's going to happen.
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    I like OP's idea.
    Modding is one of the main reasons that – IMHO, obv. – makes the PC that little, special and unique snowflake that it is. Quake 1's and Half-Life 1's golden modding days are what got me happily stuck in the PC gaming environment and made me an insane zealot for the PC cause.

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