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    How's Heroes of the Storm Look?

    Seems Blizzards is offering keys to some for beta, based on lottery I guess. I cannot get into it. If you get into it, can you share on how it looks?

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    Seems like a regular SAUSAGES to me...
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    By removing the LoL system of runes/masteries and the ability to buy items, they've definitely streamlined the entire process. I personally don't think it will make for a very good eSport, so I'm hoping that people don't try to do that with it. It's a fun game, but feels really casual. The maps are VERY objective based, in the sense that you should not only be pushing down their base like every other MOBA, but depending on the map, you should also be worrying about collecting plants pieces, skulls, coins/etc to gain the advantage. It's an interesting twist and means that there's a really fluid laning phase.

    They don't have all their champions free like DotA2 does, so you have to purchase the heroes. And then, they adopted the champion mastery system from Smite, but each mastery tier unlocks something in HotS. For example, to get all the skill options available on each champion, you need to level them up to level 3-4. This sounds kind of awful, but it's not that bad... it only takes 1 win or 2... which can be easily picked up doing vs. AI games while learning the champion. It's a slow entry to each champion.

    They have a free hero rotation which is good, works like LoL's system. Also, you can buy skins/mounts for your characters which is where they're going to make a bunch of money. There's no stupid "points-based buying" system so you're just buying skins with real money... straight up pay 5$ for that fancy pair of roller skates on Nova etc.

    It's a fun game with friends, frustrating as all get out with puggies (who apparently don't know how to handle the objectives yet) and overall well polished. They do struggle with the issue that LoL did for years where every new champion is OP until the new patch fixes him. Balance isn't bad though, as soon as they nerf all of the new champions.

    Champion variance in terms of skillsets/kits is interesting, but you're going to get more variation in a game like DoTA2 where it has years of stuff to pull from already. But then again, in HotS, you don't have to learn 130 characters to be competitive at this point.

    Any other questions?

    EDIT: Oh yeah... and what the heck do sausages have to do anything? British reference I'm missing?

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    It's casual and doesn't try to hide that fact, the games are much shorter on average.
    That means the newer generation players will start at HotS, not LoL.

    It has brand power behind it, and it's decent enough to get a big enough player-base to survive DOTA2 and LoL.

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    I've been in the tech alpha since the very early days being a Blizzard F&F, they've changed some of the systems over time and added a few maps that I have not tried yet. The game is fun, that's for sure, however it's probably the worse game of its genre to play with strangers. If you're going to solo queue then you're probably in for the worse time of your life.

    That's actually why I barely play it nowadays, I used to team-up with a few friends from North-America but the latest patches have separated the N.A. and european communities so we can't play together anymore and playing it solo is aggravating.

    I wouldn't compare it too much to other modern DotA-like games, it honestly feels more like World of Warcraft battlegrounds that you'd play with a top-down view to me, which is a good thing honestly because the last thing this genre seems to need is another game that does almost the exact same thing as everyone else.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Choca View Post
    If you're going to solo queue then you're probably in for the worst* time of your life.

    I wouldn't compare it too much to other modern DotA-like games
    But that sounds exactly like League of Legends.

    (I know it's not, I've had tech alpha access from the start as well, but go with it.)

    Both the MOBA genre and zombie theme can't die off soon enough for me.

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