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    Which Gaming Social Network You Like and Utilize Most?

    EA's Origin turns out to work so great. Gaming around, and if meet someone interesting, chat away, add to friend lists, and keep contact. Man, why I am so late to discover this?

    So what do you think about EA Origin? What do you think about other gaming social networks? Which one you consider the best?

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    RPS forum.

    Sometimes I'm using Steam chat to talk to some people I've meet in some discussion boards (because no one is using proper communication apps anymore, fuck you facebook).

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    Origin is a ghost town of logged out people, xfire I rarely have installed but it seems well frequented, UPlay I have like 3 friends, Steam is a bloated hellscape stuffed "This is your life" style with half the people I've ever played a game with.
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    At the moment it would be the RPS forum, as infrequently as I visit, and a few gaming threads on other forums.

    I don't do much with the 'social features' in the likes of Origin or Steam.

    If I play with people I know it'll almost exclusively be on their consoles.
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    RPS Forum and GOG.

    and steam social features on very specific occasion. mostly it involves in game chat. I don't have any friends on origin nor I actually use it besides a store and glorified game launcher.

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    Social network? No, I just play games, and occasionally post stuff on this forum since the PCGamer forum died. Wouldn't call that social really. People suck anyway.

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    generally speaking wherever I can question reviewers

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    If we're allowed to use RPS Forum as an answer (although it's not a 'gaming social network' by the implied meaning that squirrel is using), then that.

    Otherwise, none, really. Although I guess I post sometimes on the Nuclear Throne subreddit?

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    Is there a need for a platform for all gamers to be able to talk? Honestly I dont think the forum is the platform of the future. As soon as there are more than 5 ppl it can be hard to tell who said what and why.

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