ME3 with all the important DLC is probably the best in the series.

The ending still sucks and the game is still more buggy than it should be, but the DLC makes it great:

From Ashes gives you Javik who is the best companion in the game and the outstanding breakout character that for me Jack, Mordin and Wrex were in previous games.

Omega is the weakest DLC but still as good as pretty much any mission in ME2 or ME3

Leviathan is a really great and divergent story and something that add to the ME universe

And Citadel is just really funny, really fun and a great sendoff to the current cast of characters and Shep. It feels like the real ending and I think it was intended as such, just see the cut scene after you have the party. Also a final chance to hear the late great Robin Sachs.

I think all of the DLC gave me the feeling the people making it cared about doing a good job, it's got heart.

Basically it's good DLC like Lair of the Shadow Broker rather than cheap cash in shit like Overlord and Arrival.