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    Rock, Paper, Brink

    Since its got a free weekend and is totally cheap and great I think its time for some of use who might have bought it before or are going to buy it maybe to start teaming up and playing this game. I know RPS had an official server so I'm not to sure if thats still running or if someone wants to make a server themselves. Either that or we will pick a server we can all play this free weekend and have some fun.

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    As someone who is not put off by the haters but is not sold on it either can you sell it to me.

    Q: Why would I rather play this over battlefield 2/bc2/3, cod 4(and sequels) or team fortress 2?

    Know that I'm a bit of fiend for personal and complicated shooters like the versus mode of splinter cell chaos theory, hidden source(not that complicated I admit),project reality (not that personal), mechwarrior living legends and natural selection.

    Sell it to me.
    I'm failing to writing a blog, specifically about playing games the wrong way

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    Interested, just got it, not played it, ready to play tonight!
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