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    Perpetuum anyone jumping in?

    So Perpetuum has gone into Early Access (wtf?) is anyone else jumping in? Tempted to get it. Anyone picked it up?

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    seems cool

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    so that eve online clone still alive huh

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    What do you mean it's gone into early access? It has been out for like what, 3 years now?

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    ok, for those of you unwilling to check the social clubs:

    Also, the devs put it up for early access because theyre expecting stuff to go broke while steam release happens. Also, theyve taken their Gamma islands offline for now. (those islands were reset and reimbursed)

    STC (aka Statecorp aka the official RPS Corporation) would welcome any and all of you! If you need to know more about what kind of game perpetuum is, check out the articles on RPS:
    - Tom De Roeck.

    verse publications & The Shopkeeper, an interactive short.

    "Quantacat's name is still recognised even if he watches on with detached eyes like Peter Molyneux over a cube in 3D space, staring at it with tears in his eyes, softly whispering... Someday they'll get it." - The Conclave

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