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    PC Gaming Centre (MEDIUM/LIGHT) - As Cheap As Can Be

    I've been building my own rigs for editing/gaming recently, the most recent one cost about 650€ for a PC with 2x22" monitors (192x1080, of course)

    But what about a "mediacenter gone ROGUE" ? Not too expensive, I assume one only needs a dualcore to be able to play games/movies well, as long as the graphicscard can hold up it's end of the bargain? must have HDMI, obviously.

    But then again, lets not forget: fit it all into a shuttle-type case. ie. small, narrow, etc. Obviously a challenge for the current graphic-cards, due to most of them needing two slots. Suggestions, input, etc?

    (ideally, pricewise, would be inside of 400€, as I do not need a TV or another monitor)

    EDIT: ack, nevermind. I cant find a single dual core for sale anymore.

    EDIT2: What the motherfuck. Eight cores for the same price as I bought the quad core cpu for two months ago?! Whats up with this AMD FX thing?
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