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    Hello! Rock Paper Shotgun Holdngs is now opening recruitment to all pilots interested in small gang PVP! We're a group of players from all over the globe, brought together through the Rock, Paper, Shotgun blog and forums. We're very laid-back, and log on Eve to have fun and shoot people in the face.

    What do we require from our new meatshields?:

    • Working microphone - we use clients like Mumble or TeamSpeak to communicate with each other
    • Finish the Sisters of EVE arc - The need to finish the Sisters of Eve arc is that it helps you understanding some very basic things like basic navigation and UI, if you have any questions about this contact us in "RPS Community"
    • You need to understand that this is primarily a corp dedicated to getting new dudes into PVP as fast as possible, so if you have no interest in PVP, don't apply. In that case, feel free to hang out with us in the RPS Community channel; we have many friends and we like to keep it that way!

    What we can offer you :

    • PVP Training - we will teach you the fundamental skills for player-versus-player combat.
    • Tips and Advice - from players who have experienced many cycles.
    • Forums and Killboards - had a bad day at work? Let us know!
    • Wide variety of timezones - we have several players from different timezones all over the world.
    • Tight-Knit Community - join a group of players who enjoy multiple games together.
    • Fame - Panties everywhere suddenly evaporate whenever RPSH is mentioned. You'll never have to worry about not being able to unhook that new bra model.

    If you have any questions or concerns join the "RPS Community" EVE channel and speak with any RPSH member available.
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