Hi there!

Me and Eve go back a long way. Over the years, I have been tempted into resubbing for a month pretty much once a year (only ever for a month or two) because of some new feature or update, or by reading romantic space stories and anecdotes.

I have grinded, and grinded and grinded and actually quite enjoy the grind, I have a Hulk and an Amarr Abaddon and have good certificates for each of these vessels.

I have pretty much stuck to mining and mission running all in hi-sec space. I have run lots of lvl3 and some lvl 4 missions, and have around 10-15million SPs. I have never been below 0.4 sec and have never had a PvP fight!

But for me to resub again, I want to be a part of the 'bigger picture' and remove myself from the single player grind and actually play for fun.

So, I am thinking about resubbing and applying for a position in the RPS corp. I will say that my gameplay will still have to be fairly casual as I have a young 'un and time is precious - it'll mostly be after 9pm ish uk time. So I'll follow the advice given to others on this thread and join a the RPS channel. My in game name will be Trumbledown, I hope it can 'click' for me a bit more this time. (I'm fully aware that I have only scratched the surface on what the game has to offer).

My first RPS post, but have been a reader for a long time now.