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    Skyrim Error - X3DAudio1_7.dll


    Been struggling to get Skyrim working on my computer and hoping someone can help me out. Game installs fine but I can't get the game to run from the laucher.

    I've also tried running it directly from the TESV file in the steam folder however I recieve the above error (X3DAudio1_7.dll). I read online that this could be somethign to do with my Direct X install however I've run dxdiag and have found no errors.

    I'll post below the report from dxdiag for the some system information. Pretty much at a loss for how to fix the problem and any help would be greatly apprecaited!!!

    Many thanks in advance,

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    Google it up, copy it in system32, system and the game folder

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    Try downloading this file and dropping in into your Skyrim directory.

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    File downloaded and copied in the Skyrim's DirectX10 folder. Feel a bit dim for not having done it myself but at least everything (seems!) to be working now.

    Many thanks to you both and a happy new year.

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