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    Cheap Speakers

    The speakers on a friend's laptop are rather quiet for their noisy environment. As such can anyone recommend a sub 30 set that are decent? They'll be used for films, tv, music and very occasional gaming. Space is a bit of an issue so a 2.1 set with the satellites as small as possible would probably ideal. They're also an architecture student so them being visually appealing would be a bonus though I don't expect that within the budget. Thanks for any suggestions.

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    I have these which are pretty good for 25, and don't take up a lot of space. And they look ok.

    The only problem is, as the reviews say, that the subwoofer's a little on the weak side.
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    These seem nice, very compact and Logitech are always a safe bet for decent peripherals.

    I have an ancient set of Philips 2.1 speakers that only cost me 20 6 or 7 years ago. Sound quality's starting to go at anything except middle volume, but they've served me well for a long time. Unfortunately they don't sell them anymore and I don't know what the modern equivalent is, but it might be worth having a look at Philips' speakers.

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    Thanks for that those both look decent suggestions. I know Logitech stuff is good value as I have a pair of X-230s that were pretty brilliant for the price I paid. Sadly it seems like you can only get the 5.1 version of them these days. That said I suspect a weak subwoofer might be an attraction if she doesn't want to disturb her flat mates.

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    I don't know if you are still looking but these are what I got and they seem to be decent. Although my laptop has pretty good built in speakers. I got Toshiba Satellite.

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    A 2.0 set at the same price point would probably be superior. And more portable.

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