• River Assault
  • Cratesistance
  • Valley
  • Zargabaddies SE
  • Hunter Hunted
Seems like people have returned from their holidays in force, as the headcount for the year's first TacTues was impressive 26 players. We were worryingly successful this evening, as we managed to win River Assault with men to spare (Martin Kropotnik didn't stop us this time), Blufor took their second victory ever in Cratesistance, Valley was swept through with little casualties and lots of people were still alive when Zargabaddies SE was called, as Fer didn't want to show all his cards for the joint Folk-CiA-LDDK-ARPS Coop event.

Thanks for everyone for showing up and playing nice, and special thanks to new players and people who stayed to test Wolfenswan's Hunter Hunted.