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    [AAR] Folk [Sun] 15 January 2012

    Official thread for tonight is located at the end of this hyperlink, comrades! If you can cross-post the party may send you extra vodka, and/or release one of your children.

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    Not my best night either...

    During Ambush at Topolka, I was not sure where to place the charges, as I could not read the map correctly. I did however go back and re-locate it to where it was supposed to be. Then I got shot twice from unseen enemies and the second time just bled out while watching another 2 teammates doing the same.

    In Unreachable, having received orders from Null to locate the armour and destroy it before it opens up on the team, I did just the opposite... While trying to actually spot it, it opened up, killed 2 of us before my eyes. I fired the RPG but have no idea if it hit the target or not. After spending 10-15 minutes being confused, I received the only order that made sense: to charge. I did so and thought I would actually reach the hangars as no one seemed to have noticed me, until I was shot and bled out in the field.

    In Belenus, I was suddenly promoted to FTL when head left abruptly, but I had to disconnect and quit the game 3 minutes in. Apologies for that, it was not planned.

    For my miserable performance I officially blame the weather, it's gone into minus here and my Mediterranean body cannot take it.
    Cross post from FOLK regarding a miserable performance!

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    In Unreachable, I took the role of assistant AT gunner on myself. I figured it would be a nice change from taking Fire Team slots. Quazi was the AT gunner. We were ordered to advance to the CO marker, and off we went, at a steady running pace.

    After reaching the marker we receiver orders to join Bravo Squad. And off we were again, through the forests, ducking and hiding behind trees. On our way there we heard Alpha Squad getting slaughtered over the comms, and then heard shouts of ‘Technical straight ahead of Bravo!’. I almost died of fright, but opened up fire. Let’s just say the pigs driving that thing didn’t stand a chance.

    We were then positioned on a hill overlooking the airfield, where two shilkas were driving around, threatening to tear Bravo squad apart. Several RPGs were fired, and the first shilka was taken out. Then Quazi took a bullet to the skull and went down hard just as he was asking me for extra rockets. I had to crawl to his body to loot his launcher, after which I used some of Bravo squad as a meat shield while aiming at the remaining shilka, which was driving down the airfield from my left to my right.

    This was my first ever attempt at firing an RPG. Aiming at the shilka, I followed it until it stopped. Then turned. I crossed my fingers and pulled the trigger. The rocket flew away, and seconds later the shilka was no more.

    That feeling of victory was short-lived, as it became clear that the majority of the entire team was decimated, including the higher ups, bless their souls. We were told to just charge the airfield and attempt to blow up the helicopters. Running down the hillside rambo-style, I made it as far as the leftmost hangar before I got shot from behind. I went down, but I wasn’t dead yet. I had to crawl into the hangar and have someone patch me up, after which I realised I could no longer feel my legs. Oh the horror! The three remaining others were planning to leg it out of there, but then decided to take a vehicle. Thank Guevara!

    I mounted the gun (I ignored the fact that my legs were useless, and stood up behind that gun like a boss) and we drove to the hiding place, feeling slightly victorious.

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