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    They definitely took my password..

    So RPS sent an email out saying that the forums were hacked but they don't think password details got out, well, my email was hacked into today using my standard password, the same one I use with RPS, so to let you all know, password information has gotten out.

    I believe it to be traced back to RPS anyway, I don't use any other sites that were hacked recently, and I only use the Internet on my Macbook so there's a very very slim chance it could be anything like a keylogger, and on top of that I don't browse any dodgy sites as a rule. So it's got to be RPS.

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    I don't mean to sound like a dick, but you didn't change your password when the warning went out?

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    Na. Bad move, I know.

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    i think you've done stupid!!

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