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    I'll have a crack at this, I've never done one before.

    Echo Team (Engineers)

    Our mission was to travel down a valley road and clear any mines and IEDs before a bus full of UN stuffed shirts rolled through. Alex, our FTL, was reliving some traumatic incident or other and just started into space. The rest of the unit had moved up to the valley, to clear out the insurgents for us, so we left him spaced out and piled into the Ural to wait atop the hill for the all clear.

    Alex eventually regained his composure and joined us, and we sat behind a large rock listening to the gunfire as our compatriots engaged the hostiles.

    Some mines were located, so Alex ordered us into the Ural so we could quickly get to the site, disarm the mines and get back out. As we rolled down the hill into the valley, with the M113s still firing at enemy targets, I pointed out what a big, obvious, juicy target we were.

    As if in response, a hail of enemy fire started hitting the ground around us. Alex slammed on the brakes and ground the truck into reverse, shouting for us to get the hell out. Shark took this a bit too literally and jumped out the back of the truck, and was immediately crushed as it suddenly shot backwards. Another explosion and shrapnel hit the propshaft and front tire, immobilizing us. We all left the truck in the road and ran for cover behind a nearby wall.

    A number of the assault soldiers were injured, so we tended to them and I repaired the busted truck. Alex and Echo 4 (sorry, I can't remember who it was) then jumped back in and raced up to the mine. Echo 4 quickly disarmed it, and they came racing back to our hiding place behind the wall. One of the M113s was nearby and reported running out of ammunition. We had to move forward on foot. I spotted two squads of insurgents advancing on either side of the road.

    Taking shelter a copse of trees, we engaged them and took down the enemies on the western side. As we turned our attention to the other enemy squad, I saw a white-hot projectile streaking towards me followed by a colossal explosion that threw me backwards.

    "RPG!," I shouted and ran for safety.

    "Not RPG, SPG-9!," corrected Alex. We had to figure out how to take it out as it would surely nail the bus when it came past.

    Dammit! The bus! The driver had just radioed that he was on the move. Our armour was out of action, half the assault guys were down or injured, and we were pinned by an anti tank gun. What else could go wrong?

    The bus got a flat tire driving out of the UN compound (really). The end.


    I don't really have a good story here, apart from absolutely terrifying the enemy with my MG36. Didn't hit anyone with it, though, but it's all about the psychological warfare!

    Apologies also for my numerous technical issues. My headset goes funny sometimes and reverses the left and right speakers, and near the end of Vanguard I got dumped back to the desktop but I was still in the game... but my character was standing right in front of the HMG. Sorry about that.

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