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    [AAR] TacTuesday 24.01.2012

    We came, we saw, we died.

    Mission played on the 24th Tactical Tuesday were:
    1. Nutcracker
    2. Late night operation
    3. Buffet
    4. Airfix
    I had a really good time tonight! With up-to 25 simultaneous players, how can you not :) Thanks for joining in and a special thanks to the new faces - hope to see you around in the future!

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    Under Ebass' command we were to deliver a prototype tank to a nearby location within strict timelimit of 15 minutes. Me and Washington were casually driving down the road in our crap prototype T-90, safely screened by infantry, until suddenly, SPG from behind. After a few rockets I joined the crow squad, and got to enjoy viewing a nice firefight from the air.

    I get the feeling the Heavy AT team's presence may make this mission slightly too easy for the insurgents. I don't remember if the smoke launchers on the T-90 are functional but if yes, having ammo for them would be a very nice bonus.

    Late Night Operation
    I was callsign Granite-4 FTL on this one, with Wolfenswan commanding. The overall mission objective was to search a bunch of marked areas for an enemy cache, and blow it up. Our first job was to attack the middle derrick area from the south along with Qazi's Granite-5, but got held up for a while because I wanted to secure our back, which involved some compound clearing. After a bit of support from the IFV callsign Bushmaster 1 we proceeded to our first objective and took it out cleanly alongside with G-5. The rest of the force were meanwhile sweeping the hostile area further north, and G-4 was retasked to do a bit of observation of the hostile area in the western side of AO.

    We moved into position and after dealing with a surprise squad from behind, watched some enemies fidget around in the western town area. We managed to hold our itchy trigger fingers though. Then orders came from the command to head north to support the main force, as apparently they were in a bit of a bind.

    Once we arrived the situation seemed to have cleared up, and after checking a few compounds I ordered my squad to get elevated and provide overwatch for the main force who were furiously medic'ing themselves back into shape. Some bad guys were successfully engaged from a distance, and in the meanwhile the main force got back on their feet. New orders were to move back south to clear out the urban area the outskirts of which G-4 had been watching earlier.

    The first engagement in the western area was a bit overkill, as I guided Bushmaster 1 and a commandeered technical to fire on a house we had observed to have dudes in earlier. Our medic Alex joined in with rockets from a scavenged RPG. Sorry about the house, Takistanis! After this we were a bit more careful, remembering hearts and minds. There were some brief intense firefights as we moved further into the town, building by building, but didn't take any significant losses. Eventually the area was deemed mostly clear, the weapons cache we were there for was discovered and detonated, and the mission called a success, even though by that point everyone was under strong influence of psychoactive substance from an unknown source.

    This was a really good mission and a nice one to be FTL'ing in, since there were multiple smaller target areas and G-4 was mostly doing their own thing. Nice commanding from Wolfenswan, and thanks to Washington for making the mission.

    Bravo FTL time! The mission was to clear out a path for a bunch of UN bigwigs to make an uneventful bus drive. Bravo's job was to spearhead the advance into the valley, followed by Alpha and the rest of the force including M113's. After some initial fighting we spotted and marked some mines, and had some fun with a commandeered static machinegun. Things looked pretty good, but then from what I could tell we got into crossfire by 2 SPG-9s positioned on the opposite sides of the valley. The M113s were quickly lost, and lacking harder targets, the SPGs ground through the remaining infantry, now lacking long-range firepower to defend themselves. By the end of the mission I was lying in the middle of my fireteam, everyone writhing on the ground after taking a SPG hit right our faces.

    And now, for some commanding. The job was to destroy some parked aircraft on the southern airfield in Takistan. My plan was roughly this: Alpha, Bravo and Charlie get into position on the southern side of the runway. MMG and Delta, supported by Charlie if needed, clear a bunch of buildings east of the runway to provide overwatch and lay down fire on the airfield. Then Charlie, Bravo and Alpha advance through the now relatively secure eastern side of the airfield to the hangars and blow things up.

    The plan started showing cracks pretty early. Alpha and Bravo got into position but the airfield defenders and their technicals got wind of them and lead started raining. Meanwhile, Charlie, Delta and MMG ran into two BRDMs that I somehow had failed to spot until the very last second, even though I was in a perfect position to keep eyes on things. The vehicles chewed up their opposition quickly in close quarters.

    After confirming that Bravo had mostly bled out, I ordered the ragtag remains of Alpha, Bravo and the lone survivor of either Charlie, Delta or MMG (I forget) to charge the airfield. Some vehicles had arrived to meet us however, and their powerful bullets transformed me into a butterfly, allowing me a good vantage point of the survivors.

    Something the Takistanis should have learned by now is to never leave doors unlocked and keys in the ignition when Egg, Iceraiser and Head are in the country. This was demonstrated powerfully today, as all three made it to the jets on the northern side of the airfield, clambered into them and zoomed off (or in Ice's case, taxi'd around into a maintenance building's wall). Now having air superiority of the area and being able to destroy the remaining aircraft at their leisure, the mission was a victory, though a pyrrhic one as the number of survivors was in the ballpark of 5 people.
    Clips are fully loaded, and then blood floods the lawn

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    It said "No Parking", I had to do it! (Also I saved Ebass' life doing so).

    Great evening everyone, hope to see you new guys(French or not, doesn't really matter) again soon!

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    Great, as I was doing a small PC upgrade, you guys had a great time. Oh well, at least next time I am able to fraps at a much higher resolution or graphical settings.

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    Killa and me were spearheading as the MMG element. As we passed by the first village I thought to myself "now that's a good spot for an ambush. I'll set up there next time when i command Independent". Seconds later the air was filled with angry bullets and RPGs, I died and the tank exploded. The spg was set up in the village we had passes earlier.

    Late Night Operation

    As we had revive going I opted for a slightly riskier approach with splitting up the fireteams into twos and having them approach different objectives from different angles, while G6 and the LAV stood back to provide aid were necessary.

    (tbc. gotta go)

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