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    First off, I'd like to introduce myself.

    My name is Breich (Brett in game today and IRL). I'm 21 years old and am a cadet at West Point; in just over a year I will commission into the US Army.

    Today's session was a blast! I've always been intrigued by ARMA and its capacity for great cooperative play, and the missions that I participated in today were awesome.

    The most memorable was take two of the Valkryie mission. I was an MMG element attached to the Alpha fireteam. The mission started off with a scare when I took a round to the stomach about 1km southeast of the landing zone. At first, I wasn't sure what was going on; this was my first time playing the game for a length of time and I had never been shot before. After disembarking, an alpha team member was able to patch me up, and I was good to go.

    From how I had perceived the initial OPORD, I expected Alpha to be the main effort; I would throw down a support by fire from the northwest of the city. I either crafted this plan in my head or didn't hear things right, because Alpha (+) acted as Security for Bravo, who seemed to be the main effort. Our team swept along the southeast of the objective; at the crest of the hill, our team leader sprang across an M2 position. Thankfully, it was facing away from us to the northwest, and the threat was eliminated promptly. I was a little sad to realize that we were shooting at US soldiers; I realized it when we walked up to an ACU-pattern body on the ground =(

    Alpha proceeded down the hill to the southwest avenue of approach leading to the objective. We began to use some bounding techniques of movement. When we reached the southwest AoA, I covered while the remainder of the team bounded across the road. As one of the elements sprinted across, I noticed the ass of an ACU pattern crawling behind a gas station; I hesitated at first because I didn't want to blue on blue someone, but I knew there weren't any friendlies in that direction so I put a couple in his behind and eliminated the threat.

    Finally, we began to move towards the fortified position to the southeast. Alpha (+) bounded to a rock formation, and I stood on overwatch to the southeast, facing the fortification. I noticed one unknown moving about 500 meters away, about 200 meters beyond the fortification. Very quickly, one turned to two and two turned to four; there was an enemy element moving around. A few kill-bursts from my RPK eliminated the element.

    Just as the fireteam began to bound towards the fortification, I noticed an enemy moving around in the fortification. I let out some more bursts from my RPK and destroyed another element in the fortification, ending the mission.

    Lots of fun! Can't wait for next week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by breich View Post
    At first, I wasn't sure what was going on; this was my first time playing the game for a length of time and I had never been shot before.
    It's possible that you were shot by the doorgunner of a Blackhawk waiting on the ground to airlift the super secret enemy reinforcements into the town. However this cannot be confirmed or denied since the existence of the reinforcements and their location is a closely-guarded secret.

    From how I had perceived the initial OPORD, I expected Alpha to be the main effort; I would throw down a support by fire from the northwest of the city. I either crafted this plan in my head or didn't hear things right, because Alpha (+) acted as Security for Bravo, who seemed to be the main effort.
    That's because my fireteam's always in the thick of the action, ohhh yeaaaah. In all seriousness, Bravo and Charlie were the main effort. My fireteam (Bravo) had to move very fast to keep up with the commander, though, who appeared from behind us and kept sprinting towards the enemy. Eventually we had to go and rescue him after an enemy straggler wounded him.

    Its good to have you with us Brett, welcome to our monstrously mutated hybrid community. It might be worth signing up to the Folk forums as well as the RPS ones, too:

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    Quote Originally Posted by breich View Post
    Lots of fun! Can't wait for next week.
    You don't have to wait till next week you know, we have a session on Tuesday.

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    Uh-oh... I might have to work ahead on homework then =)

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    Charlie gang member (automatic)
    Charlie FTL: Qazi

    As Charlie started off farthest away from our point of entry, we hopped into a party van and drove to link up with the other fireteams. I was second in the door after wolfenswan I think, and I turned off into the first room on the right. I heard shotgun blasts outside, and I looked around the corner to see a cop. I was too slow to fire my silenced Uzi and he gunned me down. I lay on the floor writhing in pain while the rest of the team was taken out.

    Co Medic: Draakon

    I commanded this mission the very first time we played it (on a Tactical Tuesday if I remember rightly) and we got shredded by an SPG-9 just past the first mines. I was keen to progress further this time, and so decided to take an approach which required a lot more micromanaging (sorry if this got annoying).

    As we formed up on a hill overlooking the road, MMG gunner Bodge spotted three groups of infantry, two on the road and one on the hillside. I directed the Alpha, Bravo and MMG's fire onto one unit each and we soon cleared them up, as well as another small group which popped up on the right hand ridge line quite close to us.

    After this I sent EBass's Alpha fireteam and the engineer squad down the road, with Qazi's Bravo and the MMG element provided overwatch from the ridge. I was very worried about the exposure of the overwatch element to enemy fire, and they did take a few losses (although at least one was a case of vehicular fratricide). Nevertheless they performed their role perfectly and took out several hostile groups.

    Unfortunately at this point EBass's M113 and the engineer squad's FTL (Head) were killed by a Dishka at close range. I instructed the overwatch element to take it out ASAP and they did so, freeing us up to continue moving after we patched up the wounded. Luckily, no SPG-9s engaged us, so we made good progress as we pushed up the road.

    A BTR-40 was blocking the road up ahead, and the bus had started on its journey (moving quite rapidly), so I urgently got the various fireteams bounding forward up the road to a hillock just in front of the BTR. The idea was to get them to pop up just in front of it and take it out with RPGs. Unfortunately the distance proved to be greater than I expected and our RPGs missed, but a hail of led shot the gunner off his turret and we continued our headlong dash up the hill, trying to stay ahead of the bus. Luckily the bus took a minute's pause here, allowing Headspace's engineer team to defuse some mines and move a bus parked on the road, and everyone else to deal with an enemy squad who had gotten behind us. In my haste to get everyone moving up the hill to get rid of the BTR, I'd neglected to secure our flanks. Luckily this unit of hostiles was quickly taken care of.

    As we regrouped, the bus started moving again, but apparently the driver decided to try his hand at off-road driving, which gave us a bit more breathing room. I moved over the crest of the hill to get eyes on the route ahead, and it seemed clear enough. I ordered everyone to sprint forward to get in front of the bus, but I was moving far ahead of the rest of the formation and was gunned down. The bus then charged off down the hill, leaving the platoon in its wake. It was promptly shot up by an enemy squad down the hill.

    Everyone did incredibly well, I had a blast commanding that mission. Extra vodka rations for all!

    Internecine Takistan
    OPFOR, Unaco's squad rifleman (Bravo?)

    We were ordered to attack the town from the south, and moved into position in a truck. Kataras got out too early, and Unaco, driven to hysterical fear by the sandstorm limited our situational awareness panicked and drove off, leaving him to follow behind us on foot. Once Unaco stopped screaming and katars caught up, we pushed on towards the town. Bodge was pinned down behind his party van, with EBass taking potshots at him from behind a rock. We flanked around, and Bodge pointed out where EBass was, allowing me to shoot from in the back.

    We crawled along a line of bushes towards the town, and Draakon spotted Kelron hiding in the window of a building. I hit him, but he ducked, so I emptied a magazine into his window to show my displeasure. At this point Bushcat, who had been lying in wait in some long grass behind us, struck, incapacitating Unaco and Draakon and killing me.

    Ride of the Valkyries
    Bravo FTL
    Kelron (Bravo AR)
    Bushat (Bravo AAR)
    Head (Bravo RPG)

    My fireteam and Comrade Vülfenschwalbe's Charlie were to take one of our glorious aircows and assault the town together. I asked for a volunteer to pilot who wasn't Head and Ajax bravely stepped up. Unfortunately the people of Takistan had apparently decided to have a gigantic hash party and hotbox the entire nation, limiting visibility to under 50 metres. I told Ajax to keep one eye on the GPS and follow Nulkigan's chopper ahead, and not to take it too badly if we crashed. As soon as I had said this I tabbed back into the game and saw a hillside rising to meet our chopper. We all died explosive deaths.

    It was worth it for the hilarity of watching the other chopper's search and rescue efforts, however:

    Draakon: (upon spying a burning wreck sliding slowly down the hillside) I'll go and look for survivors.
    Fer: Is anyone left alive in there?
    Draakon: (deadpan) Nope.

    Ride of the Valkyries, take two
    Same slots.

    Fer had decreed that we would skip the first town, Anar, and move straight onto attacking Nur. The mission is too long in its current form, and I'm planning to chop into a three part campaign, with the first mission being the defence of a convoy until extraction (by aircow of course). Draakon decided to mix things up a bit and attack from the north, rather than from the south as we usually do. Unfortunately the detour we took to avoid Anar led us over the completely secret enemy reinforcement choppers, which those of us who've played the mission before don't metagame AT ALL, and a door gunner shot and wounded Brett, a new player. Luckily no one else was hurt and he was healed when we landed.

    Bravo and Charlie pushed into a compound and got rushed by a Stryker. Head got incapacitated on a doorway, so I dragged him into a hut and healed him up. The Stryker charged right into the compound and we ducked for cover. Our heroic MAT gunner (not sure who it was) sacrificed himself and took out the IFV. We then pushed up a steep hillside, getting into some hairy close range engagements with a few US Army soldiers. Bravo continued onwards, although Head managed to get himself shot again. Unaco patched him up and we kept going, securing a two story building to try and support Charlie squad, who were being engaged at close range. We had a clear view of their position and were able to kill the last remaining hostile who was engaging them. At this point we took heavy fire from at least two enemy squads, and took cover while Bodge dropped some rockets onto the enemy.

    We then moved out the back door of the house and began pushing further into town, along with Draakon. We were sporadically engaged and had to keep our heads down while Bodge strafed some hostiles near us, but things were uneventful until Draakon got shot in a compound nearby. I dragged him behind a wall and patched him up while Head dropped the bad guy. Unfortunately Unaco was beyond repair, leaving us without a medic for the rest of the mission.

    We pushed up to a bunker and took out some hostiles at close range, and then came across what appeared to be a freaky Delta Force orgy in a ditch. We mowed them down, but not before one lightning fast operator took out Bushcat, operationally. From then on we linked up with Alpha and killed the last few enemies near another fortified position, completing the mission.

    Its always nice to see a different commander take a new approach to the mission, and that playthrough went exactly how I'd imagined as I made the mission, the helicopters giving the commander enough options to create a different experience each time we play it. Good job my fireteam, we pushed through that town like lean mean operating machines.

    Cordon Bleu
    OPFOR Alpha rifleman
    Fer (Alpha FTL)

    The plan was for our fireteam and Nulkigan's to push up parallel streets and locate the enemy. As we moved cautiously down the road I saw a muzzleflash from a window to our front and ducked into a shopfront. Fer ordered us to keep moving so I dashed into the street and ducked into an alleyway further ahead, and found Head's corpse. Finding myself in a situation remarkably similar to that in internecine I blazed away at Kelron's window, but yet again he ducked into cover. I pulled back into a compound, and heard gunfire, with sadisticone being killed. I looked up and saw Qazi on a rooftop drawing a bead on Fer and gunned him down.

    I then went up onto the roof to check that Qazi was dead, but at this time Fer got incapacitated. On my way to help him he was executed at close range, and I caught a fleeting glimpse of his killer running through a doorway. I let off a burst, but missed, and chased him while asking if anyone in Nulkigan's fireteam was still alive. Draakon responded but was incapacitated. Again I let off a burst at the enemy soldier as he ducked into a doorway and again I missed. Just as I was about to move through the doorway, I was shot down and incapped. As I lay bleeding I saw movement off to my left, and brought my weapon to bear. I could see a vague shape through the blurry red haze of my vision, and took aim. I only had 5 rounds left, and my aim was swaying dramatically, but somehow my bullets found their mark. It turned out that I'd killed Draakon. Unaco then walked up behind me and put me out of my misery. Apparently Draakon had been the one who shot me, so I guess its an example of the circle of life in action.

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    [AAR] Tactical Tuesday 07/02/2012 - And then we died

    We had 26 comrades tackle the following missions:

    • Fired Up (Win)
    • Garbagemen (Lose)
    • Grand Theft Aero (Win)
    • Cratesistance (Adversarial, everybody loses. Except my team. My team won.)

    Fired Up
    was a new mission, courtesy of Bushcat. It used fire effects to light a region that the players had to defend.

    Garbagemen (also new, by me) saw a mechanised platoon try to steal supplies from a russian base. Experimentation with comms meant it didn't work too well. We'll play this again in the coming weeks and use it as part of the not-campaign. At that point we'll actually take the BMP :)

    Grand Theft Aero
    was Kelron's new mission. Some excellent work after field promotions saw a succesful extraction take place.

    Createsistance was not new, but was deadly all the same. A new player managed to rack up the kills and use his camo hoodie to great advantage in this adversarial masterpiece.

    Force Ten finally works. There are a couple of new kinks to work out, and we got really lucky, but we can finally say we succesfully completed the mission.
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    Need feedback on Grand Theft Aero please. Seemed like people enjoyed it but if there's any improvements you'd like to see for v2 let me know. Already on the list are randomised enemy placement and a proper end trigger.

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    I'd just like to remind everyone that CHARLIE SQUAD was the first squad to reach the Firebase in Force Ten!
    We did extremely well, thanks to my squadmates who all operated like one solid unit and called out any enemy they saw.
    Unfortunately we lost Vorrin right before we charged across the open field and into the compound, but at least he managed to ge revived by harakka before we ran out of medics.

    Unlike the rest of the squad, seeing as we got taken out by a single shooter that was lying prone in the compound, somewhere next to the bright fire that kept blinding us.
    I'm sorry I didn't see that shooter, guys.

    However, I really, really enjoyed being a FTL in Force Ten this time, and we should play it again.

    The unofficial RPS Rising Storm group!

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    First off,thank you all kindly for testing my mission, Fired up.It will be remixed in the coming days.Version 2 to include a lot more death and destruction.Maybe less scrap metal ;)
    Nullkigans new mission,Garbagemen looks like a real challenge to crack,looking forward to playing this again.I think it will really test squad coordination skills to pull off the objective and steal the crates.
    Grand Theft Aero was really enjoyable.Lots of tension at the start.Danger of being flanked at one point.I kept losing connection so i didnt catch who took command.they did a good job though! As always i had to leave for work at 21.30GMT,so always miss the last one(BOO!)

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    The new missions were really entertaining.

    Fired Up was quick and slick, a nice take on the classic convoy ambush.

    I got the feeling that we might have done better in Garbagemen if we'd swept forward faster with the BTRs and tried to do a quick snatch-and-grab.

    GTAero: lovely mish, well commanded. And I died with my foot on the helicopter's landing skid. Delightful.

    I'm not a huge fan of adversarials in general and Cratesistance, being set on the woody wilds of Chernarus, really brings out my trouble with discerning movement in high-noise environments. I did get to see some epic displays of cunning and bravery (new chap Johnny Napalm's silent deadly hunter act, and Toad and the other guy whose name I can't remember and their mad scramble for glory)

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    Fired Up
    I was FTL of Bravo squad, we were positioned on the side of a hill with rocks providing cover from the enemies approaching from the north as I remember, the RPG gunners did a good job with taking out any BTR's or trucks carrying troops before they could come close enough to pose a real threat. The mission was pretty fun and quick but might have been a bit too easy.

    Garbage men
    I was playing as DC medic, I ran down a hill and died.

    Grand theft Aero

    I played as DC medic again healed a couple of dudes, threw some smoke grenades to drag two comrades to safety that were rolling around next to a road and got shot in half by a BTR.

    I was Automatic rifleman in Mr.Weed's firesquad, got shot at a bit ran away, ran up a hill saw some people and thought about shooting them but was afraid that they were FT alpha so I didn't, hid behind a tree like a girl, got up and died.

    Force Ten
    I was AAR in Charlie squad led by Mr.Weed, all I got was a shitty M16 but anyway we started somewhere on the NW of Zargabad, we all turned on our NVG's and started running from cover to cover, there wasn't much resistance in the first 600m or so until we came up to what looked like some kind of roadblock made of rubble, I dropped down and shot the poor bastard guarding it claiming my first victim and looked for more but didn't see any and was reminded by my FTL to keep running.

    We ran into a building to regroup and check the map to make sure we were heading in the right direction and staying away from most of the bad guys, we ran over a road into a backyard and I saw what looked like a man standing in front of a monument close to some kind of roadside market, so I quickly went prone and drew a bead on him and quickly realised that he was one of us, as I heard one of my squad mates (who shall remain unnamed) fire off a few rounds next to me and I saw the rounds impact close to the man standing next to the monument, I called blue on blue but it was too late, as I saw the man fall to the ground, luckily he was only wounded and could be helped back up by a friendly medic nearby.

    We were now exiting Zargabad, running over open ground with only a few nodding donkeys and low pipelines that could be used for cover in the distance, as I saw a patrol on a hill open fire on us, luckily none of us got hit probably because there were no lights and the AI lacked NVG's, we all crawled in behind a fence next to a pipeline for cover and together with help from a nearby squad took out the patrol on the hill that was engaging us.

    The enemy base was now finally in sight and we engaged some of the mounted guns and men in guard towers, I ran towards the front entrance of the base shot the soldiers I could see sitting behind the M2's, threw 2 grenades over the wall and made my way over to the inside of the base after emptying the last rounds in my M16, grabbed a FN FAL off a dead enemy and proceeded inside with the rest of charlie squad, where we were all shot by some invisible AI lying next to a fire.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nullkigan View Post

    You fool Egg, you've doomed us all!

    Null will probably double the enemy and IED count now. Why didn't you order us to just lay down and die quietly?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrWeed View Post
    I'd just like to remind everyone that CHARLIE SQUAD was the first squad to reach the Firebase in Force Ten!
    Yes, we went really really smoothly till there, I think you commanded really well though, always telling us exactly what to do and how (also, thanks god I had sthud, or I would have lost everyone constantly :D ), so, well done.

    And yes, Harakka was great, revived us all in due time.

    Also, I blew up the tank at the end, so I think we can (subjectively) decide Charlie was definitely the top squad there :D

    Also, Bushcat, I liked your mission a lot, it was possibly a bit too straightforward, as I didn't die, but it looks extremely good with those fires, I really enjoyed it.

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    Fired Up

    Bushcat's assistant in MAT we were waiting on the frontline and taking out the steady trickle of the BMPs and trucks.
    Bushcat got incapped once but that's about it. Overall a good mission with great atmosphere tanks to the fires but could do with a bit higher difficulty.

    Garbage men

    IFV1 with Kelron as the driver we engaged several vodniks on long distance. Thanks to the engineers repairing us constantly we were able to take out two of them and several infantry before the incoming BMPs made us 'splode.

    Grand theft Aero

    I was the very confused commander for the first half of the mission (sorry 'bout that, long day) and got taken out by a BRDM-2 that didn't want to go down peacefully. Watching DW take over command and leading our forces to a success was extremly enjoyable though.


    FTL of Bravo we were ordered to hold at very defendable terrain close to the A cache. First attackers were dispensed off, then we moved over open ground to help out CHarlie at the E cache. Unfortunately my legs got shot on the way but I managed to take out two of them. There was a great moment when Unaco went to investigate the E cache and I suddenly spotted a mere silhouette at the end of my viewdistance a bit further behind him, sky lining against the forest. I shouted "Get down Behind you" but alas it was too late. We kept moving towards the E cache and denying them this area but apparently harakka and Ebass managed to take out the last EI.

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    Fired Up
    HAT - Gunner
    Climbed up a ladder while egg did the same teleported into a wall and died.
    Garbage Men
    IFV2 - Gunner
    Me and harlander went into to the town from the south-east watched bravo getting chewed up by a patrol they didn't see.
    carefully disposing of long range AT while we rolled into town.
    Spotting a spetznats squad hiding behind a compound wall we strode forward and killed the enemy sqaud when i suddenly spotted a BMP and started engaging with my KVPT then i was we were hit by a RPG from our left and promptly was left to burn in our poor BTR-60
    Grand Theft Aero
    Alpha AR
    FTL: Sulphur

    Made it up a treeline outside the town charged a BRDM-2 that someone declared dead and got mowed down with the rest of my squad.

    Force Ten
    MAT - Gunner

    Spawned in and started running encountering very light resistance, came up the oil rigs outside the town, got engaged by two enemy static emplacement, lucky we had wolfenswan on overwatch and swiftly engaged and destoryed them.

    Tink and me made it up the small town on the outskirts of the base where we got pinned down by a static emplacement, as it was ripping up the nearby friendly squad i decided to use one of my two rockets to take it out this proved to be pretty silly in the end as two T-34 swiftly arrived with only one rocket and two t-34's i was not amused, the first one was quickly dispatched by uh "excellent" aim. Good thing that other T-34 decided that this was a excellent time for a sightseeing trip around the town opening up the route inside the base.

    Later Vorrin and his heroic AT-4 manged to destroy the tank.

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    [AAR] Tactical Tuesday 14/02/2012 - Death can be lovely

    19 strong men (including alot of new players) fought in the following missions:
    • Headhunters
    • Internecine II
    • Technical Difficulties
    • Garbagemen

    Headhunters was the first mission in which three generals had to be killed to gain victory. This was completed narrowly by the remaining, heroic, soldiers of RPS.

    Internecine II is, I believe, an older mission with Independents defending a small village against Opfor troops. The open ground around the village made it hard for Opfor to push through and with some good spotting Independent were able to take the win.

    Technical Difficulties is a new mission by Mr Weed where technicals were stolen, hostiles shot and victory was had. Still some bugs around forcing all players to run on foot to the target but otherwise a very nice mission.

    Garbagemen is Null's new co72 mission which comes with extra death. Since previous missions went so well I decided to end the evening with a slice of difficulty. It's big, it's tough and 19 players is definitely not enough, even though command did a good job of coordinating what he had.

    Thanks to everybody who joined tonight!
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    That was a very entertaining session, special thanks to new people (I hope you show up again, do visit the Steam chat or post about your experience here!) and the mission makers, as we had 3 almost new fun missions to play tonight.
    I also bring you Qazi's last moments on Garbagemen, captured by experimental turban-cam.
    Clips are fully loaded, and then blood floods the lawn

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    Yeap last night was fun.
    I got to be medic for Headhunters, running around healing people, which was fun.

    Internicine just went to hell for us as someone was camping a balcony and took most of us out.

    I think the highlight for me was Garbagemen, driving a BTR with some really nice shooting by Thirdkje (did I spell it right?). After having our gun disabled by enemy fire, I took the liberty of charging head on towards a tank. Then we received an RPG to the face and died.

    Escape was pretty epic, as it was the first time I even saw the airport, let alone make it alive thanks to a kind soul who gave Tim and me a lift on their chopper. I then took a chopper to look around for survivors, ended up finding Joe and Harlander and decided to take Joe's advice to land in the middle of the enemy airstrip in order to steal another chopper (?). On the way down we got our engine shot to pieces, so I made the call that at least we re gonna go out in style and plunged to our deaths while doing a wheelbarrow.

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    [AAR] Folk [Sun] 19 February 2012

    From the official AAR thread on the Folk forum:

    • Downed
    • Vanguard
    • Recovery

    Sometimes sessions are just really nice. This was one such session. Thank you to all the comrades that made it along, particularly returning faces like Mort and Xiathorn - it's great to see you again. Our playercount was in the low twenties, which allowed us to play an old Folk adversarial, Downed, with all sorts of hilarious death and Headspace doing a passable impression of Steve McQueen in The Great Escape.

    However, the bulk of the evening was taken up with two large coop missions: the still-deadly Vanguard, and the STALKER-fest that is Recovery. Just in case I don't get the chance to post a proper AAR this week, I wanted to observe that the disorganised rabble that is the Third International Fighting Brigade of Takistan (that's us) is getting a little less disorganised ... watching the comrades complete Recovery with hardly any losses was actually pretty damn cool. I hope to see you all again next week.
    Please remember: all good revolutionaries cross-post. Or get executed.

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    I was in Nullkigan's squad (Alpha) and scouted ahead on my motorbike. As we realized they were heading south i sped up, intending to do imitation runs around them till the bulk of the forces arrive. Unfortunately my bike decided to get stuck about 1km away from them and I had to begin the long run of shame. And when I finally catched up the events illustrated above took place (but at least I managed to take out Ice's legs!)


    I was MAT lead with Vorrin as my assistant. Things went smoothly up until we hit Nango. I got reports from a BTR and tried to make it towards it's location but got pinned down by a DHSKM on the way and lost Vorrin. As we then decided to reunite with what was left of Charlie and MMG I ran into a squad of enemies that had managed to get between us and our back though luckily I survided. Back up on my feet thanks to Unaco I took out a DHSKM technical and a BTR-40 dhskm on long range and witnessed our glorious CO get mowed down by DHSKM fire. Our efforts to save him were futile and the medic only dragged his lifeless corpse into safety. Without any rockets left I was ordered to support the BTR comandeering Bravo and soon took the Driver's spot when he died. The ragtag bunch that was left made a last charge towards enemy lines but we in the BTR didn't see it to the end and got taken out by a stray SPG/RPG.


    I was CO and what I remembered from last attempts on this mission was that following the road means death. So we made a big circle around that area, sneaking up on patrols when possible and removing them in efficient manner. The fuel station was cleared by Bravo and Alpha while Charlie covered our back. We continued onwards to the North, lost Nullkigan in a ditch but took the main compound without big losses. I ordered Charlie to retrieve the fuel truck while Alpha and Bravo got the task to scout ahead ahead for any threats for the tractor engine carrying truck. We refueled the Ural, continued in a steady pace towards the target area and made it to safety.

    We dispatched scores of enemies without taking great losses. An excellent display by all comrades involved.
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