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    Whither Ian Manager?

    Whither Ian Manager? Come on Alec. I very much enjoyed the first two. Are you burnt out already? Is it that alien and repellent?

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    He is probably waiting to hear if he is going to be offered the England job.

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    He said on twitter that it's a weekly thing. Next is up tomorrow.

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    Great, thanks.

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    When tomorrow, I.e today?

    It's a game diary. This is RPS. I'll say no more.
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    News and stuff got in the way today, but Ian's next chapter isn't far off.

    (Essential problem with diaries is we've always got tons of other stuff to play and write about, not that we're lazy. But I will be going the distance with Ian).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bonzrat View Post
    <snip>... But I will be going the distance with Ian).
    And in the game! :)
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