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    [AAR] Tactical Tuesday 14/02/2012 - Death can be lovely

    19 strong men (including alot of new players) fought in the following missions:
    • Headhunters
    • Internecine II
    • Technical Difficulties
    • Garbagemen

    Headhunters was the first mission in which three generals had to be killed to gain victory. This was completed narrowly by the remaining, heroic, soldiers of RPS.

    Internecine II is, I believe, an older mission with Independents defending a small village against Opfor troops. The open ground around the village made it hard for Opfor to push through and with some good spotting Independent were able to take the win.

    Technical Difficulties is a new mission by Mr Weed where technicals were stolen, hostiles shot and victory was had. Still some bugs around forcing all players to run on foot to the target but otherwise a very nice mission.

    Garbagemen is Null's new co72 mission which comes with extra death. Since previous missions went so well I decided to end the evening with a slice of difficulty. It's big, it's tough and 19 players is definitely not enough, even though command did a good job of coordinating what he had.

    Thanks to everybody who joined tonight!
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    That was a very entertaining session, special thanks to new people (I hope you show up again, do visit the Steam chat or post about your experience here!) and the mission makers, as we had 3 almost new fun missions to play tonight.
    I also bring you Qazi's last moments on Garbagemen, captured by experimental turban-cam.
    Clips are fully loaded, and then blood floods the lawn

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    Yeap last night was fun.
    I got to be medic for Headhunters, running around healing people, which was fun.

    Internicine just went to hell for us as someone was camping a balcony and took most of us out.

    I think the highlight for me was Garbagemen, driving a BTR with some really nice shooting by Thirdkje (did I spell it right?). After having our gun disabled by enemy fire, I took the liberty of charging head on towards a tank. Then we received an RPG to the face and died.

    Escape was pretty epic, as it was the first time I even saw the airport, let alone make it alive thanks to a kind soul who gave Tim and me a lift on their chopper. I then took a chopper to look around for survivors, ended up finding Joe and Harlander and decided to take Joe's advice to land in the middle of the enemy airstrip in order to steal another chopper (?). On the way down we got our engine shot to pieces, so I made the call that at least we re gonna go out in style and plunged to our deaths while doing a wheelbarrow.

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