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    The Fall of Infinite Games 2014 Edition

    Now that we have almost made it through the Gaming Dustbowl of 2014, every game ever made will be released throughout the next couple of months. Don't believe me? I made a list:

    Endless Legend, strategy: 18th September
    Wasteland 2, CRPG: 19th September
    FIFA 15, foot-to-ball: 23rd September
    Ancient Space, space strategy (?): 23rd September
    Gauntlet, ARPG: 23rd September
    Defense Grid 2, tower defense: 23rd September
    Stronghold: Crusader 2, strategy: 23rd September
    Dark Souls II: Crown of the Ivory King (DLC), ARPG: 24th September
    The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, adventure: 25th September
    Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments, adventure: 30th September
    Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, Creedlike: 30th September Note: It's a complete clusterfuck of varying release dates depending on console and region but the PC version seems to come out at this date in all regions.

    Alien: Isolation, horror: 7th October
    Project Spark, ???: 7th October
    NBA 2K15, hand-to-ball: 7th October
    Costume Quest 2, JRPG (?): 7th October
    Styx: Master of Shadows, stealth: 7th October
    A Golden Wake, adventure: 9th October
    Ryse: Son of Rome, history channel: 10th October
    Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, FPS: 14th October
    The Evil Within, horror: 14th October
    Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition/, open world: 14th October
    Legend of Grimrock 2, RPG: 15th October
    F1 2014, racing: 21st October Note: In a confounding move it actually is named after the year it is released in - unlike every other annual sports franchise.
    The Legend of Korra, brawler (?): 21st October
    Jagged Alliance: Flashback, tactics: 21st October
    Civilization: Beyond Earth, strategy: 24th October
    Lords of the Fallen, ARPG: 28th October

    The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, ARPG: 3rd November
    Assassin's Creed: Unity, Creedlike: 11th November
    The Crew, racing: 11th November
    Pro Evolution Soccer 2015, foot-to-ball: 13th November
    World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor, MMORPG: 13th November
    Far Cry 4, FPS: 18th November
    Dragon Age: Inquisition, CRPG: 18th November

    Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris, action-adventure (?): 9th December

    Hotline Miami 2, murder simulator
    Way of the Samurai 4, ???
    Pillars of Eternity, CRPG
    Shantae: Half-Genie Hero, platformer
    Hyper Light Drifter, ARPG(?)
    Quadrilateral Cowboy, ???
    Runemaster, RPG
    Dragon Fin Soup, RPG/Roguelike
    Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey, adventure

    I linked every game to the appropriate tag which mean they will always be up to date. The only exceptions are Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 and Shantae. Instead I linked to their respective wikipedia pages. For some reason RPS doesn't like PES...or genies. The release dates should be fairly accurate at this point although the one or other might get delayed still.
    Also, I hope you can forgive the laconic genre descriptions. That is the price you have to pay for me not turning every month name into some endless Septembear/Octobear/Novembear/Decembear joke. I may be cruel and heartless but even I have my limits.

    As always, corrections are welcome.

    Edit1: Added Jagged Alliance: Flashback and Legend of Grimrock 2.
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    Thanks for that. Where do you get your info? It can be hard sometimes to get details like this.
    Also for someone who buys games almost exclusivly when on sale, there are a worrying amount ill probably just be buying around release.

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    Both IGN and wikipedia have lists for that but they're very inaccurate. Often I had to go to the developer page for a reliable date. Kickstarter and Early Access games are especially difficult to track down.

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    I want to give you a hug.

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    I think what's pretty neat is the sheer variety of genres represented there. There's a hell of a lot of offering almost regardless of whatever your taste is. I didn't think Hyper Light Drifter was this year, but that's definitely on my watch list. I think it's also a cross between the 2D styled Zeldas and a platformer. That's not to say it can't be classed as an ARPG, but I think it's more platformer adventure know what, ARPG will do fine.

    You also get stupendous plus points for your Ryse note.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Anthile View Post
    Both IGN and wikipedia have lists for that but they're very inaccurate. Often I had to go to the developer page for a reliable date. Kickstarter and Early Access games are especially difficult to track down.
    PCGW has a more accurate list. Sorry for all the hard work...

    OT, I'm only really interested in Wasteland 2, the rest is just meh. The Evil Within also looks great, but I don't really like horror games.
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    The Legend of Grimrock 2 is due on the 15th of October. I believe they've had a timer on the website the last couple of days promising a big announcement and assume that was it.

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    To add more doom:

    Project CARS, racing, 21st November

    Elite Dangerous (spaceness) is also meant to hit release status this year, still lacking a date, and I think Massive Chalice (tactics RPG) is also due.

    Sunless Sea (Cthulhu exploretalkdoom?) is currently aiming for December.

    Warmachine Tactics (turn based tactics, board/miniature game conversion) is stated as November for full singleplayer, but the current version is so incomplete I expect that will be missed.

    On the bright side, there will be a lot of good games to get on sale in the next 6 months, because I can't possible play all the new stuff this year. Things I expect to get around release (assuming they don't tank):

    Civilization: It's Civ, I must have it. I even preordered.
    World of Warcraft expansion: a few months each expansion is fun, then out again. New expansion means lots of people returning, making it the best time to play.
    Lara Croft Temple of Osiris - last one was a lot of fun in coop, this one expands to 4 player. May not end up on PC for online coop reasons but it'll probably be at release.

    Of the rest, I imagine I'll get a couple, but it's very undecided right now. I have a few from Kickstarter (Wasteland, Pillars of Eternity, Elite) and someone bought me a Dark Souls 2 season pass that is awaiting a final DLC before being used. I suspect Civ is will consume the end of October and start of September alone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drake Sigar View Post
    The Legend of Grimrock 2 is due on the 15th of October.
    Oh, has anyone told Helio? He'll probably want to pre-order that one.

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    Then if you play games across most other is a very crowded fall.

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    Elite: Dangerous has a tentative Q4 2014 release date, though that could change.

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