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    Tabletop simulator group?

    I just picked up tabletop simulator in the recent steam sales, I'm a huge fan of board and card games but due to the area that I live there are very few local opponents

    I was wondering if any of the awesome RPS credit would be up for trying out a spot of gaming through this?

    So far I've had an experiment with warhammer invasion module... A game I own but unfortunately have only played once...

    There are a lot of others I'd like to give a go as well, so is there any interest out there and if so what games would you all be looking at?

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    I've been really tempted by TTS, but I'm not sure how to get the 2 mods I really want that'd make TTS a must have purchase for me, namely Star Wars X Wing Miniatures and Netrunner, if you're interested in either of those and you could talk me through how to install them if I were to get TTS then you got yourself a partner!

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    I think netrunner has a module in the workshop. You just find it in there and click the subscribe button.

    Building decks is the most complicated part but there's actually a tool to do it in the game folders

    As I haven't had a massive response I havent looked too much into it but if you get it I'd be more than happy to give you a hand with it.

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    This is the X-Wing miniatures mod you want. I don't know why RPS keeps posting links to old broken versions of the game that nobody has updated in months.

    As for Netrunner, that's a little more tricky. Building a deck in-game is kind of tedious. I tend to just build my decks using the card images and then upload that as a custom deck. But your results may vary. Regardless, there are plenty of mods available with tokens and boards set up to play.


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