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I've been on the recieveing end of the devastator a few times and to be honest it seems a bit too powerful, although I haven't had enough experience of it yet to judge properly.

Brute as a class still doesn't interest me though, it doesn't really have an interesting/defined enough role to make it seem worthwhile in CTF.
I persist in using brute as HoF. It's absolutely durable because it the fusor makes it easier to defend against harassers. You do however have to be more active. One can't just stand on the flag and wait for people to ram into you (super heavy perk).
I'm also using brute to attack the enemy base. It's more of a tank than the other attackers. He can take more damage, and has the disconade which I usually throw when I've attracted enough enemies).

If you think the Devastator is OP (/too powerful), take in consideration that it has a very long reload time compared to other fusors. And a miss is more costly than usual too. One can't argue that if a person is skilled enough to always have the upper hand (being able to direct hit most of the time) with the Devastator, it's too powerful. Because then it's the skill of the player that makes it so good. Oh - and it deals 1204 on direct hit, FYI.

On a side note (well, this is just T:A general thread anyway):