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    Rock, Paper, Spinfusor -- Tribes: Ascend

    Steam group here:

    Rock Paper Shotgun now has an unofficial server!

    t's called RockPaperShazbot. Right now, it's located in EU - Amsterdam. To find it, change your region to Amsterdam, then refresh and it should be in the list. Click on the small star in the far left column to add it to your favorites so that you can sort by favorites and our server will be at the very top.

    The server was graciously paid for by Devadder, myself, and SquirrelFanatic.

    I don't really know if this thread will go anywhere, but I thought of the title the other day and it made me giggle, so here it is. Since the private server system is still a ways off and the friend system isn't exactly full-featured, let's just use this thread to discuss the game itself and where it's going. I'm sure people have their varying opinions due to its F2P nature.

    Here are my thoughts:

    -- Movement feels fine. Great, even. I haven't played Tribes 1 or 2 much, but movement in Ascend feels like it should. People complain about the physics being bad or screwy, but aside from the moments when I run into invisible momentum-robbing bumps in some maps, it's fine.

    -- Weapons and classes seem balanced for the most part. I hear the Tech's Thumper is too good and the Brute isn't that great, but that's about it. There are only a few weapons that most people would agree are outright better than the defaults, and everything else seems to be a matter of preference.

    -- I love that it's F2P, if only because I think that's the only business model that can support such an incredibly hardcore game like Tribes. If Hi-Rez had put a price on it, even a budget one ($20-ish), you would still have people scared off by just how difficult it is to play. Sure, it would be "complete" as a paid product, but F2P means more people trying it, and a bigger audience in general, and that just might be more important in the long run.

    -- That said, I still worry for the future of Tribes: Ascend due to just how unforgiving it is. It's a game that most people will bounce off of, to be honest, and even if it is F2P, I don't know how many people are left that really want a great arena shooter.

    -- I paid $10 for the smallest package of Tribes Gold, and I stupidly blew it all on unlocking classes, which are all rather cheap in terms of XP. I haven't touched the specialized classes I've bought, and the weapon unlocks for the classes I *do* play are hella expensive in XP.

    -- The XP prices are, uh, imbalanced to say the least. You have relatively reasonable XP prices for classes (7.2K at the cheapest, 28K at the most expensive) and for the upgrades for weapons. Then you have 42K, 75K, and 100K for alternate weapons. 42K is ever so slightly pushing it, but 100K (or $10 in gold) for a different grenade type is bonkers. I'm well aware that buying a booster during the beta period and playing lots will net you a lot of XP, but for the non-paying player, it'll take ages for them to save up for a weapon. And you can't use locked weapons in training, so you don't know if you'll like it or not.

    -- I would like to think that Hi-Rez is keeping prices high for the time being because they haven't created that many alternate weapons yet, but I don't know if that's true. Hi-Rez isn't that engaged with the community like Riot, so I don't think anybody really has that good of an idea of what's going to happen in the future.

    -- The game kinda has questionable performance. I'm playing around 40 fps on my rig that pulls a steady 60 in pretty much all other (better-looking) UE3 games. It's still beta, though, so I'll let this slide for now.

    -- I think it really needs a stat-tracking system and matchmaking based on your rank. A lot of games turn out to be one-sided due to teamstacking, lack of teamwork, or just turtling.

    Basically, I think Tribes: Ascend is flippin' fantastic, and the mechanics are spot-on and well-tuned. It still has some rough edges in the F2P system that are becoming increasingly obvious as I play more and more. I hope that Hi-Rez can fix these things and quickly so that Tribes might have the large audience that it deserves.
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