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    [AAR] Folk [Sun] 11 March 2012

    As ever, cross-posting from the official thread (please cross-post!):

    • Cordonbleufor
    • Fodder
    • Swept LE (adversarial)
    • The take down (alt)
    • Cholo
    • Lichterfelde (which was actually a coop)

    I think now, looking back, we did not fight the enemy; we fought ourselves. The enemy was in us. The session is over for me now, but it will always be there, for the rest of my days. As I'm sure Elias will be, fighting with -- wait, what? Actually, the part about fighting ourselves is absolutely correct. We shot each other in the face for most of the session, and it felt great. Even if my abiding memory of the night is of walking out of a door, insta-dying and hearing "Fuck you, Americans!" over VON, and then finding out my killer was that civilian I had thoughtfully left to go about his business.

    :argh: Wolfenswan!

    Thank you to all the comrades who made it along tonight: our playercount was at or above 20 for most of the session. I hope you enjoyed the focus on adversarials tonight - we'll revert to a slightly more balanced set of missions next week, but I'd be very keen to hear your thoughts on making adversarials a larger part of the Folk experience.

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    I took part in the first four missions and I really enjoyed them.

    In Cordonbleufor I was surprised to see myself taking some initiative and moving ahead of where we were held up, only to flank 2-3 enemies and kill them with my trusty Scorpion pew-pew.

    Fodder was freaky, being stuck in a tank with tunnelvision and Unaco screaming directions. Overall it went well thanks to Unaco's directions and Harakka's shooting. I had no idea what was going on most of the time.

    Swept was pretty short for me. I was waiting to kill someone with my RPG only to realise the enemy had flanked us. They took us completely by surprise and I died pretty quickly...

    In the Take down, we protected Col. Aziz by adequately simulating the AI, as we were dressed in civy clothes. I was walking around the mosque and saw 2-3 Bluefor. I made my way towards them, it was pretty nerve-wracking wondering if they would shoot me or not. I passed by some guy taking cover at a corner of a building, walked on for some meters and then turned around and shot him in the back. To my delight, his friend came out to see what happened, so I shot him in the back as well. I then proceeded to walk around the building and I almost jumped for joy when I saw their medic healing them. I shot him in the back as well. I hope one of those guys was Iceraiser. I continued towards the mosque, where I found a wounded Bluefor and having tasted the honey of shooting someone in the back, I got too tempted and careless. I executed him but there must have been another one around, as I quickly died after that.

    Overall I really enjoyed the focus on adversarials last night. I think it should be a more regular thing. Coop is nice but there is nothing like shooting people in the back!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kataras View Post
    I executed him but there must have been another one around, as I quickly died after that.
    That was bullets from my Mk.48 ripping through your weak body.

    Overall another fun Folk Sunday, thx everyone!(esp. Kefirz, hope you stay around)

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    Forgot to crosspost this earlier:
    Quote Originally Posted by harakka
    I love playing adversarials with you people, and as proof, here's a bit of neighbourhood patrolling in The Takedown.
    Clips are fully loaded, and then blood floods the lawn

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    I had a great time playing with you guys and thanks for the warm welcome.
    See you at the battlefield :D

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