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    [AAR] Tactical Tuesday 12/03/2012 - Less LSD, more death.

    With up to 23 fine amateurs in arms we bested:
    • Belenus
    • UNwelcome Guests (2x)
    • Late Night Operations
    • Nutracker v3
    Belenus went as suspected - we all got murderd.

    UNwelcome Guest was a flawless victory for BLUFOR the first time around, then we tried it again with a gent agreement to give OPFOR a 90 second advantage. That time, BLUFOR got slaughtered.

    Late Night Operations saw us whiping the southern part of Takistan clean of enemy forces with a frightening display of competence and skill on all levels. Hardly any losses and a successful operation.

    Nutcracker ended in a win for OPFOR despite the heroic charges by Independent in all kinds of vehicles.

    All together a fun session and a big welcome to all new people that joined us that night!

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    Opfor should all have mounted up in battle tractors in Nutcracker, it would have made for a glorious clash of metal.

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