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    [AAR] [Sun] 25 March 2012 - LDDK, CiA & Folk/ARPS Joint Session

    Cross-posting from the official Folk forum AAR thread:

    • Greenola (LDDK attacks)
    • Greenola (Folk/ARPS/CiA attacks)
    • Finale SE (the after-party)

    Being murderised in the dark by the Finns remains one of my favourite ways to play ArmA, so I have to thank our comrades from LDDK and CiA for another wonderful evening of large-scale confusion and frantic shooting with around 55 guests. Special thanks to comrades Spinoza (LDDK) and Variable (CiA) for helping to organise the event, and to everyone from the LDDK, CiA, ARPS and Folk communities who participated.


    On the Folk/ARPS/CiA side, two special mentions:

    • Comrade Unaco - for preparing a plan earlier in the week that led to our narrow victory over LDDK in the first mission.
    • Comrade Bubba (CiA) - for his heroic destruction of the cache at the Mosque of Death[tm].

    A warm welcome, too, to our new guests (including comrade Rawdog, who gracefully accepted the challenge of being CO in Finale SE during the brief after-party). As ever, it was a pleasure to see everyone from all the communities in the session. I hope you enjoyed it and look forward to the next one. Please share any thoughts, feedback, videos or images in this thread.

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    thanks for organizing this Fer, it was really fun.

    Apologies first of all to Harakka for shooting him in the back by accident, and to our team for being unable to read a map properly! I m curious how the mission went when FOLK/ARPS/CIA were attacking and the Finns were hiding.

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    I was part of the Charlie hit & run squad, but we did more hide & relax in a building until we got ambushed. Those Finns are scary!
    Head ordered us to relocate to another building, but it turned out to be a small hut, where I got pinned down. Then Head got shot.
    We received the order to retreat just as Bushcat caught a face full of lead, after which his killer casually leaned around the corner of my hut and somehow evaded my RPK fire and shot me.

    The attacking mission... Well. Charlie squad was two down fairly early in the mission because those Finns just came from everywhere. Head and myself just sprinted from one cache location to the next until a sniper got us. We tried our best!

    In Finale SE we had the pleasure of being lead by the new blood Rawdog. There was a bit of a situation in the TS3 channel involving a specific term that shouldn't be mentioned but rhymes with 'nation'. People got kicked, went to play APB Reloaded (traitors, you know who you are) and Egg walked the fine line by mentioning said word a couple more times. He ended up commanding Fer and myself, and I had a lot of fun listening to their arguing. I was machinegunner on a roof (you can guess how that ended) and pew pew'd at the oncoming tanks, but we could not stem the tide.
    We will finish Finale! It's just a matter of time.
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