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    Any Falcom Fans Here?

    I really love this game developer (who also publishes its own work in Japan, and overseas, they depends on local publishers). This is a somewhat unique game house, best known for its cartoon style games, and it's one of the few Japanese game house which dedicates so much to PC platform.

    In recent years it has been turning attention to mobile platform, something inevitable. Yet whenever chance presents itself, Falcom would still port those great works to PC.

    And very interestingly, it once took interest in an Chinese developed RPG series called Fantasy of Three Kingdom, that it localized the first two installments of the series in Japanese. Cool.

    Any of you mates admire Falcom, too?

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    Ya, and they just announced this last night.

    I don't really see it coming to pc though :/ It doesn't seem like they are really that interested in the platform anymore.

    edit: also this was greenlit recently a popular Chinese rpg/tv show, although it doesn't seem like it will be officially translated.
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