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    D2D game on Steam?

    I bought Fallout: NV for cheap on Direct2Drive the other day. Now I'm wondering
    how to activate it on Steam (which is mandatoy, as far as I understand it).

    D2D sent me an email with a registration key, but that one's not accepted
    by Steam. Do I have to download the game using the D2D-Loader and move
    it to Steam afterwards or how does this work? Thank you for giving some
    advice! M.

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    I also bought FNV on D2D; all I did was go to Steam => Add a Game => Activate a product on Steam and put in the CD key that was sent to me (you can also look it up on the D2D site by going to your games and clicking on "Download" for FNV). I never downloaded any files from D2D, everything was done in Steam.

    Just make sure you do not leave any extra blanks or anything in there when copying the key. The key format is
    ABCDE-ABCDE-ABCDE-ABCDE-ABCDE (alphanumerical, so numbers and letters)

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    Further to that, if the key they sent you doesn't work at all, it's probably a misprint in the email and you should put in a ticket with them. They'll help you out pretty quick.

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    Ok, I'll try the key again. Thanks for your help, guys.

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