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    Cross-posting from the official thread (please also cross-post):
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    • Fall of Aziz
    • Payback
    • Jailbreak
    • Cholo #1
    • Cholo #2

    Competence is unloading a shotgun into the back of your comrade at point blank range, because there's a filthy gang-member standing on the other side of him (and he's expendable). That's my story, and I'm sticking to it. And as General Secretary for Eternity, I am sure that the 20+ comrades who came along tonight will agree with my view. Right? Anyway, thank you to everyone who came along tonight. There was some great work for our COs and element leaders, particularly comrade Pummage, who managed to get Aziz to the aeroplane without any losses to the platoon in Fall of Aziz. Please post your thoughts, unsubstantiated accusations and media here.

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    A thoroughly entertaining session, I would like to make Jailbreak a bit smoother running and balanced so let me know of any ideas.

    Fall of Aziz
    Alpha FTL
    Alpha were in the centre of a tight formation to push West across Northern Zargabad. We encountered relatively few enemy infantry on the first half of the mission with just the odd attack from distance. In the latter half we moved with Delta to secure the construction site just NE of the airfield and passage for Aziz, we had a brief engagement with infantry near the airfield before all was quiet and Aziz moved into the airfield.

    The plan required all units to attack from several directions following Alpha's lead. The attack went smoothly despite enemy UAZs escaping the killzone. We quickly geared up with Bravo and Delta providing security for the other elements. B & D then scouted the nearby buildings that would provide as the base for our assault on the southern airfield buildings. After they removed the nearby enemy presence we moved in with A, C and D moving to the compound wall and Bravo and Echo fireteams providing security. With Alpha and Charlie moving northwards towards the hangers Bravo were tasked with securing our Eastern flank towards the city, Delta were now with Echo covering our South and the airstrip. As the enemy were repelled to the south we cleared the infantry surrounding the buildings and moved to secure the hangers with Bravo moving in with explosives to take down the hangers. There was then a sudden bang and blackness.

    Bravo AT
    We were the infantry element pushing first into the fog North towards the town, all was quiet until an enemy patrol strolled out of the undergrowth about 50 metres from our position, we dispatched them quickly without loss. We moved closer to the airfield only to stumble upon an enemy BTR which was taken down quickly only for me to take a single round of something high calibre much to the surprise of everyone around.

    Cholo #1
    Bravo FTL
    Bravo was to assault from the South, we did so, smoking and breaching through the Southeastern entrance and supporting Alpha up the stairs a quick search and the last enemy were eliminated.

    Cholo #2
    Bravo Gang member
    Astutecat and I provided distraction and comedy value by assaulting from the south in a high speed insertion via blue party wagon. It didn't last long.

    All in all rather entertaining stuff
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