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Thread: Media Crossover

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    Media Crossover

    Everyone has almost certainly experienced what I'm talking about: watching, reading, listening, playing or doing something that inspires you to watch/read/listen/play/do something else. It's something that can always throw a spanner in the works of plans to clear some of the unplayed backlog, or can ruin the plans you made to watch that new HBO series or try that new author.

    It's happened to me a lot recently: I read Snowstorm (Neal Stephenson) and ended up playing DE: Human Revolutions. Playing HR made me rewatch Ghost in the Shell: SAC, which in turn always inspires me to play some Rainbow 6 Vegas (for some reason) and then listen to some Tom Jones (ok, that last bit is a lie). Other examples include FarCry 2 <-> Blood Diamond, Game of Thrones <-> Total War, Hero <-> Jade Empire. Hell, playing Mirror's Edge makes me look for more athletic routes when I go running.

    So glorious reader, what things inspire you to do other things?

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    Everytime I play Civilization for long enough, I end up perusing the wikipedia for details on some of the leaders and great persons.

    Also, whenever I think about STALKER games I end up looking up stuff about Chernobyl and Prypiat.

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    Oh don't even mention it,i'm like weather. What ever i read/watch i need to play that,or otherwise haha :D

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    Every time I watch hockey live I want to get on the ice and play. Reading W40k novels makes me fire up DoW2 again before I realize how terrible I am at multiplayer.
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    Reading military fiction (Tom Clancy, for example) makes me want to play World in Conflict, Rainbow Six, Battlefield etc.

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