I made a game which combines classic 2d brawlers like double dragon with a light RPG plot. It's set in an unspecified town in the near future, and involves you - a retired wrestler past his best trying to take down the biggest corporation in the city (and in the game!) There are stats, sidequests, items to collect and people to meet (or punch).

A unique conversation system lets you modify your body language, tone and opinion to elicit the best response from a character. For those of you who think talking to people is overrated, there's the option to beat up everyone in the city!

Here's a trailer with some of the things you can do in Will Fight for Food:

There's more info on my website, and you can download the demo for PC and Linux here. Game's available on Desura, Indievania, from my site and is coming soon on Gamersgate.

Now that all the info is out of the way, I was wondering if you guys have heard of any extremely popular PC gaming websites that also cover indie games, preferably in awesome english accents while drinking tea and worshiping an infinite bear. I could use some coverage, or maybe even a review!

Let me know wot you guys think of the game!