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Thread: Deep Black

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    Deep Black

    So there's a new game on Steam. And its not a Sword and Sorcery Fantasy game. Which in itself is about enough to get me curious. Moreover, it has interesting twists on the Shooter genre: Underwater combat, harpoons. And jet packs.

    Just wondering if anyone else knows anything at all about this Deep Black game. Where did it come from? is it a console port, indie dev...strange, I had never heard of it until today.

    Just thought I would ask. Thanks.

    Edit: Looks like an uninspired console port. Sorry.
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    Never heard of it, to be honest. Sorry, can't help you there dude.
    Can be found on Steam, Evolve and Eve Online.


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    Read about this on RPS a short while ago -

    Not tried it yet.

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    There's a German demo floating around the interwebs but yeah, this is just another Gears of War clone

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    It's pretty bad.

    Very glitchy, poor AI, unresponsive controls.

    Only tried the first couple of levels but it just felt generic and dull. There are occasionally some cool moments but then they are constantly reused. For example, when you first go under water there's an enemy that swims out and grabs you which initiates a QTE fight then after going up against them a few more times you realise you have to do the exact same QTE every time you fight them.

    I can't judge the game as a whole as I only played it for about an hour but personally i'd say avoid unless you really are short of things to play.

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    The trailer was a massive turn-off.

    "<generic Gears of War cover-shooting gameplay>" - fffffffffffuck off.

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