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I've been watching Eastbound & Down, which also happens to have Matthew McConaughey in it. (I'm not even surprised when I see him at this point.) It's occasionally really funny, but I can't imagine a single woman enjoying this show. In the first season and a half, I've seen:
-More fucks-per-minute than a Scorsese film
-More cocaine-snorting scenes than Blow
-A graphic de-eyeballing
-Two hookers
-And cockfighting

The story has pretty much run out of steam at this point, but it's also Danny McBride's best role by a country mile and the soundtrack and revolving door of guest stars are amazing.
The show starts great but repeats itself too much in my opinion.

Just watched the season finally of Season 1 of Homeland. Holy hour and a half of tension batman, that was some ending.