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Watching Farscape from the beginning at the moment on the first half of season 1, wow I think the characters of this show are probably one of the most fully realized chaarcters of any show I think I've ever seen there just so good. The humour is really good and the sci-fi stories are quite clever and the episodes are pretty great with only a few average ones here and there and the characters definitly make these average ones a lot better then the crap ones in say Star Trek Voyager.
Apparently you and I watched very different shows.

The humour they generally always did a good job on, but personally I always found Farscape incredibly variable in terms of quality of stories - it veered between some truly outstanding epsiodes, a fair few average and a not inconsiderable number of utterly terrible ones.

I'd also suggest a great many of the characters were deeply annoying and/or terrible.

Its still a fantastic show overall but I really can't agree it was consistent

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