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    Quote Originally Posted by SirKicksalot View Post
    Spartacus was made on a shoestring budget and pulled off a MUCH better battle than Blackwater in the last episode. It was better than most movie battles, actually. I like Neil Marshall but whoever directed the Spartacus finale shat all over Game of Thrones. It had a better sense of scale, a lot of crazy action mini-setpieces...
    It's also entirely shot in a studio with green screens, unlike Thrones which is shot on location. Don't get me wrong. I like Spartacus (it's a guilty pleasure), but they're different beasts entirely.

    Also maybe lose the gif. Not all of us are up to date with the series.

    Quote Originally Posted by SirKicksalot View Post
    Hopefully this rig and the new handheld stabilizer revealed 10 days ago will lead to better, more clear action across the board.
    This actually looks more interesting, for location shooting: -

    (watch the movie at the top)
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