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    Quote Originally Posted by SirKicksalot View Post
    Caught up with Arrow.
    It has everything: hot women, Crixus, exposition during hot shirtless training, Windows PCs, Windows Surface, Windows phone.
    Fun show.
    Do they shove it down your throat? *Phone beep message* Someone is sending is sending me a text, hold on.
    * super zoom on product placement phone*

    I remember when Smallville entered the modern era they began to use everything windows too. Those super obvious default Windows 7 desktop wallpapers were hilarious.

    I don't mind product placement but sometimes it's just so aggressive, the later seasons of Bones also got on in it.
    "Angela: Jack, do you still have those files I needed?
    Jack: Oh, yeah I have it on my Skydrive.

    There's a load more of this here It's hilarious but makes me hate everything. ;p

    In other on topic news, Orphan Black remains an excellent show.
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