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Except part of the theme of the episode was that people hadn't moved on, so it was all in-keeping and in her case especially lamp-shaded when she quickly reacts to "Dinner?" with his question. It's no more a cheap shot than Watson listening to Sherlock regarding his moustache despite being furious with him or Mrs. Hudson not dusting his room/letting it.
I dunno, (almost) everyone had changed to a degree.

Watson was in a stable relationship and probably won't be moving back in
"Graham" Lestrade now fully admits he views Sherlock as a friend and instantly hugged the guy. And he seemed to find Sherlock not knowing his name to be more humorous than he did during the Hounds of Baskerville episode
Hell, even Mycroft is much more accepting of his brother's idiosyncrasies (and vice versa)
Mrs Hudson is definitely a lot more static though

I dunno, I viewed it as a "the more things change, the more they stay the same" kind of deal. Which is why I think it would have worked perfectly if it was clear that Molly still pined for Sherlock without going for the "she's delusional" angle.