What's the scoop?
LDDK have asked us to come over and help them (and CiA) go back in time and shoot Nazis ... no, wait ... actually ... I think we have to shoot Americans and Brits. Which would make us Nazis. Let's not over-think this, okay? There will be shooting.

What are LDDK and CiA?
The illustrious LDD Kyllikki (LDDK) is an OFP/ArmAx group that has been around for a very long time indeed. Over 10 years, in fact! The folks at CiA have been running sessions for almost as long.

What are the people from LDDK and CiA like?
Lovely. We've had many joint sessions with them in the past, and greatly enjoyed shooting each other in the face. Here are some AAR threads from the more recent joint sessions:

Where I can I find out more?
Please see this thread in the Folk forum (requires an account to view):
[Sun] 29 April 2012 - LDDK Folk/ARPS & CiA Inv44 Joint Op