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    Why is the internet so GOD DAMN LOUD?!

    I couldn't decide if this should have been posted in the technical support forum or not, I don't know if it's me or the internet in general that's a fault so perhaps a moderator can decide for me.

    Anyway, whenever I play anything on any website the sound volume is always way too high for my set-up, ear bleedingly high. I'm talking Amazon, Youtube etc. I always have to make sure the volume knob on my "speakers" is set to 0 before playing anything and then I have to adjust the volume slider on whatever window is open to 1, then it's safe to turn up the knob on my "speakers". Meanwhile whenever I play music in Media Player the volume is always set to a comfortable 50% by default, which it takes from my sound cards control panel. Games on the other hand have to be adjusted slightly as they're usually at full volume but it's the internet that I have a big, big problem with. Is it just me?

    So, what's my setup? and why the "speakers" in quotes? I have a Creative X-Fi soundcard. It is connected to an Earforce DSS (Dolby Digital processor) via an optical lead. Plugged into the DSS is a pair of Earforce Z11's headphones. In games the DSS is switched to Dolby Digital and I get pseudo 5.1 in my cans, providing the game uses OpenAL if it's an old one - otherwise I have to piss about with Creative's ALchemy. If it's a newer game then things are fine. For music I switch over to Prologic.

    Either setting on the DSS while on the internet is fraught with danger however. I wish there was someway to have ALL internet based audio start at a lower volume - can this be done by tweaking a setting in Firefox me wonders?

    Perhaps there's a setting in Windows 7 that lowers the volume or perhaps a setting in the sound card's control panel. I use Daniel K's drivers, because Creative's own are shit. Dolby Digital is ON in the Encoder tab of the settings.

    So is my set-up not right or is the internet too loud? Like adverts on television being louder than the sodding program.

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    You should be able to adjust the volume per application with the volume mixer:

    To find it, hit Start, type volume and select Adjust System Volume.
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    You can also find that box when you left click on the Windows sound thing in the notification bar, and click "Mixer."

    I think in certain situations Windows will focus on an application and significantly reduce volume on other applications. There is an option somewhere to disable this though.

    Edit - If you go to Control Panel - Hardware and Sound - Sound - Communications tab

    There is an option to disable the automatic volume adjusting of applications by Windows when using certain applications.
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    System sound is set to 50% already with the mixer, it takes that from the Creative control panel and that's how all my system and Media Player sound volume starts at but stuff on the internet always starts at maximum volume which has caught me out a few times and caused my head to nearly explode.

    The communications tab in Sound settings is set to reduce volume of other sounds by 80%. I don't think this has any effect on Youtube videos etc though as its meant to be for Skype use and the like.

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    Here's some screen grabs of my settings.

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    And the Creative control panel.

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    Forgot this.

    And here's the Earforce DSS. My X-Fi connects to it via optical lead and is powered by USB. The lead at the front goes to my headphones.

    In the 17+ years I've been using PC's I've never read how to configure sound settings and nobody has ever told me how to, I've just fiddled with it until it looked okay to me (or sounded okay I should say).

    I apologize for all the images.

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