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    God Damn Invasive Wifi

    You've heard that people will steal Wifi around to enjoy free online connectivity or to zeal one's identity while engaging in criminal activities. Have you heard that people will force Wifi signal on you?

    Recently a local payment network called Union Pay is doing just that. It's a stupid payment network, a competitor to Visa and MasterCard. Again, our government shuts VISA and MasterCard out so that Union Pay, no matter how retarded it is, can still survive. They are now installing strong Wifi signal stations everywhere here. If your smartphone has Wifi on, it will force connectivity upon you and you have to input a code supplied by them to go online. Condition to release the codes will be that you have to make payments through Union Pay for certain amounts. Of course, you can turn your Wifi off or choose other Wifi, but this is just damn annoying.

    And annoying is exactly Union Pay's purpose, so that you would think, "Hell it's troublesome to go online, I will just get to pay through Union Pay to get a code"

    Is this kinda dirty marketing legal in your country?

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    Umm.. Forcing WiFi to go online? I'd be disabling my WiFi super fast, I only use my homes WiFi, unless I'm using my mobile *AS A* WiFi hotspot for my other devices. I'm not popping open either my movements or my network activity to anyone who isn't completely necessary.

    It's really such a cludge, because the mobile companies can't force you to have sat nav turned on because of battery life they are forcing you to opt into WiFi tracking, it's kinda brilliant.
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