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    Reborn Phoenix. My first FTL role as Bravo, managed to get most of the guys home after after Alpha lead bought the farm. Couldn't hear most of voice chat early one due to helicopters right above us. Thanks to Joesph for the advice.

    . Also an FTL, we died pretty quick. I think we got flanked, or we flanked them without noticing or something.

    Force Ten. I was a medic, who couldn't revive. Ended up chilling with Alpha when we were ordered to gloriously charge. Naturally, we all died.

    Avalanche. Lots of enemies. I was assistant to someone who died fairly quick, so I grabbed their LMG and shot at people with it. I'm pretty sure the only guy I killed was Draakon, though.
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    Great to see so many new guys turning out! Sorry I missed it, hopefully can be there next time

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    Reborn Phoenix:
    Mission editor comments: Seemed to mostly work. Four “bugs”: a chopper stayed on station when it should have flown off, the counterattack was too staggered so we only really had trouble right at the end when we overextended, the evac chopper was way too slow and the extraction choppers didn’t spool up correctly. Three of those four will be fixed for the next version, the last is an AI bug that I can’t do anything about.

    As Echo FTL I got some good movement in my E/F/MG3 section. Egg was a good second and Jim the Dog / Velko / (I forget the third person, sorry) were nice, communicative (yes, even though you didn’t have a mic) and competent squaddies. I apologise to MMG3 who I did not really give tasks to.

    The insertion was textbook smooth. Exactly as ordered we stacked up in cover and proceeded at double pace to free one set of hostages. We then pushed though the main rebel compound clearing out what we could. The only hairy moment was when I stepped infront of Jim’s machinegun whilst he was in the middle of an extended burst. Whoops!

    After clearing and holding the barracks for several minutes Command made the decision to go for the secondary objective: a communications/HQ trailer that we needed to destroy. We did so and pushed up through junk yard to blunt the enemy counterassault. It was only right at the end that the tide overwhelmed us, but I like to think our sacrifices let the survivors escape.

    Best moment? When I heard someone scream about being down to their last pistol magazine.

    Attacker, Delta FTL.
    Kelron had a nice plan: Delta and the misc section (CO/MD/1 rifle) would go through the woods towards the nearest cache whilst Charlie took the road in a truck, making a loud and obvious target. Alpha and Bravo would hit another objective entirely. Things went almost perfectly – to the point that Kelron had just ordered Delta to go for the next cache along and leave the closer one to Charlie when things started to go bad. For a brief moment we entertained the illusion that Charlie would be able to win their little engagement, but in four quick screams crushed that dream.

    We were ordered to make a hard 90 degree turn and hit the cache in the flank. I put x25killa on point knowing full well that every weapon within 3 miles would be trained on him the moment we broke the tree line. Not because they’d be waiting for him, but because he’s loud and tends to attract attention. We hit the cache hard and fast – killa gunned down two of the guards but a third was aiming at him from just 10 meters away. I let fly with my GP25 and turned the guard into a red smear, muttering something about having actually aimed at killa when my automatic rifleman chided the proximity usage of explosive rounds. Killa swiftly destroyed the cache and I ordered the retreat, aware that the enemy players would now be aiming right at us and that they were good enough marksmen to utterly destroy Charlie in mere moments. As we crossed the road we’d charged over everyone in my fireteam was shot. Fortunately Kelron and the medic had just caught up with us. The medic saved my life, then killa’s, then-- BANG, he was dead. I fled into the woods, shouting for anyone and everyone to follow.

    A tense minute passed whilst I called for anyone at all to respond. Only killa was alive. Not one man from any other fire team. Commander Kelron and the heroic medic were dead.

    At a loss for what to do we headed north to take the next cache. As we approached it we took sporadic light fire and I remarked that it was a fortified position. I lost track of killa at this point. Apparently he ran a kilometre to the east, ignoring the point we were closest to.

    The videos above show what happened next, more or less. I used my GP25 to scare two player guards, got the drop on a third, fumbled my keys, shot smoke at him, threw smoke at him and finally killed him. Then I made a mad dash and got shot in the rear. (There’s no way that was an AI egg; they don’t move around from their guard positions and an AI would have ‘heard’ me).

    Killa’s end is better documented.


    I don’t think I ever heard from Alpha or Bravo. At all. Maybe they were ghosts to begin with!

    Force Ten:
    DC Medic #2.
    Mission maker comments: There are a couple of gear bugs, old scripts and stupefying load times that grow with player count. I’m unsure how to fix that last issue so I’ll probably completely redo most of the mission in the next revision (if I actually get round to making one).

    I won’t waste too many words on the mission, as I made it, but I will say it seemed to fill the role I had envisioned for it pretty well: A hectic, grind of a mission where the only way to win is to never let yourself get bogged down, be willing to disengage, and move swiftly. The huge continuous fire fight that emerges when you fail to do this is just an added bonus.

    It’s exactly because of this that I felt Commander StrangLove did an absolutely excellent job. If you’ve seen Blackhawk Down you might be familiar with a scene I refer to as “information overload”. Strang was dealing with twice as much chatter on the command circuit and still keeping people to task.

    I could heal people but not revive them. When I got shot I respawned. I had to skip the rest of the mission.

    CO Medic.
    I fired my AK wildly into the hills until I had no more ammo. Then the bad guys turned up and I did the same with a dead comrade’s AK. I hit nothing. Then I played a bugle charge when Comrade Commander Wolfenswan decided that our surviving few had no chance of holding the village. I was cut down by rifle fire as I leant over to pick up a new gun, some hundred yards up the road.
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